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Porrati (Est. 1979) Roberta Porrati established her reputation by assuring potential customers that they could not only can count on her ability to understand their desires and make their dreams come true by creating fine jewelry, but also to advise them because of her experience in the industry and ability to forecast market trends.

Porrati uses her experience the jewelry world by consulting with focus groups of experienced professionals who offer specific solutions to jewelry creation. Over time, the brand has developed a workflow that can be adapted to each client’s needs. Customers appreciate that the brand can draw upon its areas of expertise to create solutions tailored to their current and individual situations by employing defined goals and deliverables at every step.

The firm is headquartered in Milan. Its specialties include creativity, design, prototyping, production, jewelry customization, and analyzing precious and semi-precious stones. The brand’s know-how, grown through years in jewelry factory management, offers many services that help achieve the best results technically and aesthetically.

Fashionable creations in gold and precious stones in feminine, alluring styles – both intriguing and seductive – have been the hallmark of Porrati since its origin. The designs play with sinuous, enveloping lines in gold and precious stones for its luxurious creations. Intentionally conspicuous shapes offer a sense of daring, while the harmony of lines is at once traditional and contemporary. Great attention to detail is combined and linked to the latest fashion trends making the creations perfect for a woman who wants to be noticed.

An article that appeared on the website in August 2017 described the Porrati Bridal collection as a way to bring a touch of Italy to a bridal ensemble. The collection derives its inspiration from the beauty and art of Italian cities and employs superior craftsmanship.

For example, fine Porrati Italian bridal rings are stunning eye-catchers that feature designs that capture the emotion of love. The beauty of the collection lies in its Italian-inspired design that light diamonds from every angle.

Some unique bridal rings from this collection feature round-cut diamonds, semi-mount settings, and white gold metal, resulting in bridal rings that are both attractive and impressive.

Most Porrati bridal rings have round-cut diamonds that eliminate bumps and scrapes that can chip off a ring. The semi-mount rings display the close attention paid to every detail. The customizable semi-mount frame gives buyers the freedom to express their personality.

With a wide selection of semi-mount diamond bridal rings, the creations are also designed as ready-to-wear rings and suited for couples who want special types of rings but do not want to undertake designing them from scratch.

These are rings with all the setting details and accents intact but without the diamond. It is especially appealing for those who already have a diamond or precious stone that they want to use. Once the diamond is set on the ring, it is no longer a semi-mount ring. It gets a personality of its own, accented by the unique diamond the customer has chosen.

Porrati’s range of white gold (an alloy of gold and a white metal like manganese, palladium, or nickel) in its bridal rings provide the strength needed for a durable setting that lasts for years. Also appealing is that white gold doesn’t rust, tarnish, or corrode. It exudes a white sheen that accentuates the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond. It also adds extra shimmer to any ensemble and goes well with all skin tones, particularly fair and rosy ones.

Another example of Porrati’s creativity is found in a lovely diamond and turquoise necklace crafted of sections of chain interspersed with white gold and reconstituted turquoise bar sections. At the base of the chain is an oval section set with bright white round brilliant cut diamonds from which hangs a bar of white gold and a bar of turquoise.

In addition, Porrati designs and creates jewelry and costume jewelry made in whole or significant part with gold or other precious metals for every day rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, cuff links, clasps, and tie-pins.

Prior to May 2011, the Indian firm, Gitanjali Gems acquired Italian jewelry chain Giantti Italia that had a number of jewelry brands under it including Valente, Stefan Hafner, Nouvelle Bague, Io Sì, and Porrati.

The Italian brand acquisition facilitated the Indian company’s penetration into global markets with a line of new light-weight jewelry. In 2011, Mehul Choksi, Chairman and Managing Director of the Gitanjali Group, one of the largest integrated diamond and jewelry manufacturer-retailers in the world, described his strategic vision for the group’s Italian luxury jewelry brands to the magazine, Jewellery Outlook.

“[We are always looking for] luxury products, with fine production with specific features of the countries where they come from. [Our] group searches for goods that have potential, and then we have the possibility to distribute these in strategic countries [including] China, Japan, the United States, Singapore, Russia, the Middle East, and India.”

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