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La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose – La Vie en Rose is an iconic theme that has inspired multiple jewelers and creative artists to adopt the theme to their work so as to inspire romantics of every stripe and interest. This theme is probably best remembered as a classic French song by Edith Piaf and a quintessential phrase that sometimes translates to “Life in Pink,” but is really more about living in a state of bliss or joy.

“La vie en rose” can also mean seeing life through rose tinted glasses, i.e. where life is rosy and precipitates a state of bliss where everything is a source of joy.

For creative jewelry artists true femininity is achieved when they adorn women with the most beautiful jewels created with glittering stones in every shade from blush rose to vivid magenta.

Among the most notable to employ the La Vie en Rose theme was Armand Petitjean who founded Lancôme Paris, in 1935. From the start he chose the rose to symbolize the brand’s beauty and represent the constant renewal of youth, vitality, and femininity.

When the brand celebrated its 80th year in 2015, La Vie Est Belle was chosen from Lancôme’s extensive portfolio to commemorate the anniversary. A very limited edition, La Vie Est Belle L’Extrait de Parfum—was launched.

In addition, an exclusive commission was given to Mellerio dits Meller, one of the world’s premiere and oldest jewelry houses, founded in 1613 in Paris. It was to this house that the queen of France, Marie de Medici, granted the Mellerio family the royal decree to craft a bottle with an embellished décolleté, decorated in rose-gold-gilded silver to enhance the perfume’s original “twin wings of freedom” and contain its fragrance.

Mellerio dits Meller is the oldest jewelry house in the world, the last independent and privately owned jewelry company and, according to its promotional materials that celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2013.

Not only is the Mellerio location a sought-after destination for jewelry lovers, collectors, and aficionados, it is also a museum. On display on the lower level are bejeweled items that were way ahead of their time in design ranging from the very delicate to the very robust. One example is diamond and palladium nail appliqués made in 1953. These were patented for their design and function. There are also many other spectacular drawings and pieces.

No wonder Lancôme Paris commissioned their momentous anniversary to Mellerio dits Meller, as it signifies timeless beauty. Producing only 80 numbered bottles, the precious fragrance is itself an ageless rose.

Another literal adopter of the La Vie en Rose theme is Sabine Lehmann. She is the owner, president and CEO of La Vie en Rose, Inc., a wholesale, retail, and international distribution business specializing in jewelry and based in Santa Monica, California.

Since she founded the brand in July 2005, she has worked to grow the business by identifying target demographics, analyzing price point ranges and thresholds, adjusting buying for trends, and working with clients. Her efforts doubled the retail business of the company that does business as Platino and is headquartered on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California.

According to Ms. Lehmann’s Linked In profile, “Her expertise is in researching and selecting collections from around the world that are unique, one-of-a-kind, and special. She is in … touch with fashion and provides her clientele with exclusive designs [under the] brand … Platino.

“While building La Vie en Rose, Inc., [in 2006] Ms. Lehmann was nominated and elected Chair of the Board of the Montana Avenue Merchants Association for merchants located on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica [and comprised of] 326 retail and non-retail members.

She succeeded in building and implementing the marketing plan on many levels through PR, a Montana Avenue Walking Map, a new website, and new events with the objective of branding Montana Avenue as a destination shopping experience.

Ms. Lehmann is a dual citizen of the European Union and the United States. She grew up in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), France, and England. She speaks, English, French, German, Armenian, and Arabic.

She was also a founding board member, and Chair of Governance Committee, & Secretary of the non-profit company called, The World is Just a Book Away (WIJABA), a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to build leaders for the future by empowering children and their communities to change their own lives and the world at large. The organization’s mission is to promote literacy and education by developing libraries and programs that plant the seeds of leadership, environmental consciousness, and community connection.”

WIJABA focuses its work on communities in Indonesia and Mexico that have endured great hardship and face ongoing challenges that prevent children from benefiting from a well-rounded education and regular access to books.

Space does not allow identification of every jeweler and artisan who employs the ‘La Vie en Rose’ theme, but another notable entrepreneur who does is jewelry designer Lauren Edewaard Madden who owns and operates, La Vie en Rose, Inc., and is said to feel a personal connection with each one of her creations.

According to an article in Charleston Style & Design by Erica Jackson Curran, “…she loves them so much that she [names] them. There’s the rough crystal and mother-of-pearl necklace named La Marguerite, referencing a delicate Caribbean flower. Her Maria Luisa necklace was inspired by a famous Dior gown created for style icon Maria Luisa Casati. And her most popular design, Siren, is reminiscent of the starlets of Old Hollywood.”

Before Madden started her jewelry business in 2010, she was enrolled in a doctoral program where she researched Caribbean slave rituals and religions of the 16th and 17th centuries. Her fascination with history and culture shines through in her work.

Madden offers an array of predesigned pieces—including glamorous bridal and bridesmaid collections—but she specializes in custom work. “My jewelry complements ensembles from casual to bridal,” she says, “and my goal is always to design a unique creation that makes the entire outfit shine, rather than competing with it.”

A piece incorporating the La Vie en Rose theme is a ring with pale pink rose cut sapphires, flanked by diamonds. Known as a “ring to filter the world through,” it is a warm, rosy, romantic, and beautiful alternative engagement ring. It is solid 14k gold, 1.5mm band width, 3 x 4mm rose cut light pink sapphire, 6 x 1 mm diamonds

Another piece is a Classic Composable La Vie en Rose Stainless Steel Bracelet and Rose Gold PVD. One can stack them for a bold finish. They feature 9K PVD rose gold stainless steel links with logo detail and La Vie en Rose motif links in 18k gold and pastel enamel. All in one size, they are made in Italy.

Finally, there is Axenoff Jewellery’s ‘La Vie en Rose’ drop earrings that feature one of the label’s trademark enamel pendants, this time painted with a delicate blooming rose design. The pair is crafted from lustrous silver and encrusted with shimmering topaz gemstones. It’s fashioned with post-clasp fastening for pierced ears.

In summary, the La Vie en Rose theme combines the romance of roses, the allure of natural fresh water pearls and the sparkle of crystals to create many desirable jewelry collections. Rose is an excellent emblem of love and romance and the literal and metaphorical roses the artists employ stand the test of time.

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