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Tamara Comolli Fine Jewelry GMBH

Tamara Comolli Fine Jewelry GMBH (Est. 1992) has, since its creation, evolved as one of the quintessential sources for casual, luxury jewelry. Today, the company is ranked among the top ten trendsetter brands worldwide according to Focus Magazine. The company logo, a turquoise drop, is the hallmark and, together with its acorn shaped gems, a distinct design element in the firm’s collections.

The company's headquarters, in Germany at Lake Tegernsee (south of Munich), is the center of gemstone sourcing, design, sales, marketing, and worldwide distribution.

Stand-alone Tamara Comolli boutiques are located at Lake Tegernsee, Munich as well as in Palm Beach and Southampton in the US. Approximately 100 exclusive jewelers across Europe, Russia, the US, Canada, Africa and Asia represent the brand and its unique philosophy.

"Jewelry should be fun and worn on a daily basis,” says Tamara Comolli. This philosophy and Tamara's strong instinct for trends are the foundation of the brand’s distinct identity and success.

According to its official website, the brand has redefined the rules of wearing fine jewelry. With its many versatile designs, the pieces created by the firm help every woman express herself in a natural and effortless way.

“Barefoot luxury” is what the firm says it’s all about: a feeling of freedom and happiness that lets buyers escape from mundane, everyday life.

In many ways, pieces are inspired by the creator’s love of the ocean and her endless passion for the rarest, most colorful gemstones that result in surprising and playful, yet elegant and feminine designs.

The brand’s iconic Mikado Collection embodies this philosophy. Acorn-shaped gemstones in vibrant colors are now favorites of women worldwide who wear them every day in beautiful color combinations and layered looks.

Comolli has always been fascinated by the color intensity and variety of rare gemstones. Her endless passion is particularly notable in the Color Stories Collections. These gemstones, in enchanting and harmonious color compositions, are truly matches made in heaven.

Although she never studied gemology or jewelry design, Tamara Comolli’s jewelry collections of precious stones, color, and shapes has been brought together by her passion and love for jewelry. Expressing her feelings through her handmade jewelry designs, Comolli creates fun, stylish, and eye-catching pieces that reflect the customer’s individual style and should be worn everyday - not hidden away for “special occasions”

Great emphasis is placed on the colors of the gemstones. They are carefully selected by hand to ensure that only the most flawless are used in the company’s many collections. More elaborate designs –such as the iconic Mikado Flamenco bracelet, with its 51 acorn-shaped gemstones – draw more deeply on gemstone resources, utilizing the company’s extensive expertise in sourcing raw materials.

On a constant quest for nature's treasures across the globe, the firm also sources extremely rare, one-of-a-kind gemstones like Paraiba Tourmalines and Aquamarines, which become parts of the company’s special designs, called, Collectibles.

In addition to and complementing the stones, the company also employs the use of the world’s finest precious woods in its jewelry designs. These include African Snakewood, mystical, deep black Ebony, and European grey Wood from Croatia. The company uses different woods from special trees for its jewelry.

Deep black Ebony is a deciduous tree from Africa and is one of the most expensive woods in the world. Its botanic name is “Diospyros Crassiflora”. Only about 10% of the very slender trunks display the even deep black wood.

The reddish-brown Snakewood is a deciduous tree from South America. These trees can reach a height of nearly 79 feet or about 24 meters. Its botanic name is “Piratinera Guianensis”. Due to its unique pattern, reminiscent of snake skin, and its rarity, it is one of the highest quality woods worldwide. Grey Wood is a type of beech from Central Europe. As it is very hard to process, it is also known as “ironwood”.

Among the many gemstones the brand uses in its creations, Turquoise, with its intense blue color, is one of the company’s favorites. It is a very special gemstone for Tamara and is part and parcel of the brand’s DNA. The firm’s designers combine the turquoise color with their deep love for water, the wellspring of the company’s inspiration.

Turquoise owes its name to Frenchman, Pierre Turquoise. Turquoise forms its own mineral group and is one of the oldest gemstones in the world. Considered a bringer of luck in ancient times, it was honored as a sacred stone. Napoleon gave his second wife a diadem set with Turquoise gemstones.

To this day, Turquoise is considered a symbol of generosity and affection. Wearing this gemstone is said to bring success and to give people the strength to protect themselves. Turquoise is December’s birthstone and is often given as a gift on the 11th wedding anniversary.

Turquoise as well as the many other notable gemstones the company uses can be found in the brand’s many collections of pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, chains, and necklaces. The major collections are named, Mikado, Bouton, Signature, and India. There are many more timeless and colorful collections of fine jewelry that can be worn both day and night.

The iconic Mikado Collection is the most vibrant of all. More than thirty different acorn-shaped gemstones shine in all the colors of the rainbow. The pieces are playful, versatile and collectors’ items.

Named after the French word “bouton”, meaning “button”, the popular Bouton Collection boasts captivating round, natural shapes. The classic cabochon-cut gemstones and vibrant colors paired with sparkling Diamonds and Sapphires enchant.

Dreams of exotic countries and new adventures are the inspiration for the beautiful India Collection. Precious woods, hand-carved patterns, shimmering Pearls and rare materials such as natural Coral or pure Turquoise make the India Collection very special.

The Ocean Jasper Collection is designed for those individuals who love casual understatement and earthy tones. Each jewelry design is one-of-a-kind, as each stone has its own pattern.

Inspired by the love of the ocean, the treasured Signature Collection features the flowing forms of the water, the gentle sweep of the waves and the brand’s unique hallmark, the drop. Fine Diamond pavé and solid 18K gold shine bright in each of the collection’s designs.

The Curriculum Vitae Collection is comprised of the ultimate ring. A masterpiece of craftsmanship and utmost precision, its sliding princess cut Diamonds or Sapphires symbolize “life’s path” and, just like life itself, the design is full of surprises.

The company’s Collectibles Collection expresses the brand’s endless passion for and expertise in gemstones. Emissaries travel the world to find nature’s most breathtaking treasures in all colors of the rainbow. When brought to the firm’s headquarters, master craftspeople cut them with utmost precision and showcase them in captivating designs that become lifelong treasures.

The Collectibles’ designs feature eye-catching gemstones of the rarest and most unique kinds. Designers follow a “less is more” philosophy to let the gems stand out in their understated designs so that women can effortlessly wear this precious jewelry with comfort.

Last, but not least, are the collections where anyone can find their own personal look. These are the brand’s individual Color Stories that are made up of specific combinations of gemstones and shades of gold; essential elements in the Company’s collections.

Among the most popular of the company’s Color Story collections is one that features lemon yellow Beryl, bright orange Carnelian, apple green Peridot, steel blue Topaz and colorful Tourmalines that sparkle in the sunlight in combination with precious yellow, red or white gold.

A wonderful color interplay is in the gemstone Topaz that is radiant in three different shades in its Color Story, Bright Sky. The luminous blue Swiss and dark blue London Topaz recall the infinity and depth of the sky. Set in rose or white gold, Sky is perfect for lovers of the color blue.

The Cashmere Color Story honors one of the world’s most luxurious fabrics, cashmere and exudes coziness and warmth - just like cashmere itself. It is particularly effective when combined with white and soft rose gold.

Elegant, shimmering moonstones in the colors brown, grey, sand and white, combined with sparkling Diamond pavé and rose or white gold, give the Moonstone Color Story a breathtaking finesse. It is a highlight of any season, especially winter.

The Camel Color Story is a tribute to the color Camel, a fashion classic that epitomizes coziness. The warm, earthy tones are perfect for fall and make the wearer feel good on cold days.

Other Color Story collections are named Caribbean, Indian Summer, Chestnut, Wildberry, Capri, Romance, Palm Beach, Champagne, Beluga, and Candy.

Available only in the world’s finest retailers, Tamara Comolli’s exquisite fine jewelry pieces present a captivating assortment of designer jewelry. This includes an assortment of fine jewelry pieces comprised of diamond and gemstone bracelets, in addition to fashion rings that feature colorful stones including chalcedony, moonstone, mother of pearl, onyx, peridot, topaz, and others.

Also available are gorgeous chandelier, drop, hoop, and stud style earrings, as well as chain and pendant necklaces showcasing Tamara Comolli's signature Indian leaf design. Fashion pieces by the designer are created to reflect the personality of the women who wear them.

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