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Dimitrios Exclusive aka Kapsaskis Dim & Sia OE

Dimitrios Exclusive aka Kapsaskis Dim & Sia OE (Est. 1990) was one of two Greek jewelry companies that, while participating under the Greek Jewels banner in May 2019, won design awards at the Las Vegas JCK & LUXURY International Jewelry and Precious Stones Exhibition. For the second consecutive year, fourteen Greek companies participated in the exhibition.

At the awards ceremony. Dimitrios Exclusive (Kapsaskis Dim. & SIA OE) received the award for Best Bracelet Design in the $2,501-$10,000 price category. The JCK exhibition, considered one of the most important jewelry exhibitions in the world, is the largest in the U.S. and considered an institution in the industry. It is both a showcase of jewelry design and a commercial event. Participants often return home with new business opportunities and international recognition for the excellence of contemporary Greek jewelry design.

Dimitrios Exclusive is among the curators of a 5000 year tradition of Hellenic jewelry. Using earth’s precious material, gold, silver and gems, the firm handcrafts forms of timeless beauty. The firm’s designs tell an authentic, stunning story-that links past, present and future.

In its latest collection, Byzantium meets the geometries of Art Deco using enamel blends with filigree, and adding strikingly unusual gemstones to heighten the sense of magnificence.

In Men’s jewelry, this is found in the Anax Collection. Anax is recognized as the “King of Kings”, the Warrior, the Wise Leader, the Protector, the Disruptor; the Man in his mature masculinity. Pieces in the collection include crosses, amulets and emblems that tell the story of Man through time.

In its Best Sellers collection, the firm includes the most loved and honored designs from loyal customer/ambassadors around the world. The pieces display a vivid Hellenic identity, a hint of modernity, and an abundance of color.

In Masterpieces, nearly 30 years of Red carpet jewelry creations are included in this collection. Its opulent, intensively hand crafted designs and heirloom pieces exalt human imagination and amplify uniqueness.

In 1990, Dimitrios Kapsaskis, a passionate art collector, founded the first family jewelry workshop, in Athens, Greece and the brand name Dimitrios came to life. Born in Athens, Greece, Dimitrios decided to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and in 1985 opened his own jewelry workshop where he hand-crafted sterling silver jewelry based on traditional Greek Byzantine art. It was not long before his son Vassilios completed studies in jewelry design and joined the family business.

Vassilios grew up in his family jewelry workshop. Since his early years, he’s been captivated by the magical process of transforming raw material into beautiful forms. His youthful imagination is a kaleidoscope that continuously delivers fascinating shapes and patterns. To achieve his vocation as a jewelry artist, he completed his studies in jewelry design and manufacturing and became an active member of the Dimitrios workshop.

His talent, fresh ideas, and desire for experimentation led the brand into a new creative journey. The brand’s creations became revitalized and also unexpected. After he received a number of national awards, Vasilis talents gained international recognition especially after winning the JCK Jeweler’s Best Design award in 2019.

Today, Dimitrios and Vassilios continue to design Greek Byzantine jewelry with loving detail. The combination of sterling silver artwork, Murano glass, and Swarovski crystals is unique. Each year, they update the collection with new creative designs. The Dimitrios Exclusive collection is displayed annually in jewelry shows across Greece and throughout Europe.

With dedicated and highly skilled goldsmiths, the brand hand crafts gold and silver jewelry, inspired by the Hellenic jewelry tradition of over 2500 years from Minoan times to Alexander the Great and Byzantium. Rich in finely elaborated, labor intensive designs that can incorporate intricate patterns to minuscule detail, Dimitrios jewelry identifies and establishes an iconic creative language, easily recognizable in all its collections.

In 2008, when Dimitrios’ sons, Giorgos and Vassilios, joined the company, they propelled the growth of the brand on both retail and creative levels. Giorgos leads commercial development, increasing brand awareness beyond its borders and Vasilios gives the collections a fresh tricolor expression, while sourcing rare materials from all over the world.

In 2019, the brand set sail overseas, following its success obtaining JCK Jeweler’s Best Design award. Pieces for women included earrings, bangles, bracelets, pendants, and rings. Pieces for men were comprised of bracelets, pendants, and rings.

Preserving centuries-of goldsmithing tradition, Dimitrios creations come to light after an elaborate step by step process. Patience and passion are the two fundamental qualities that characterize its crafts people. Each piece is exhaustively crafted by hand to minuscule detail in order to confidently reflect the stylistic identity of the brand.

Precious metals, tri-color treatments, enamel, filigree and brilliant gemstones compose the creative elements shaped into statement collections under the expert hands of Dimitrios’ craftsmen. With authenticity and integrity as guiding lights, Dimitrios’ vision is to create stunning, unmistakable, iconic, story-telling pieces of jewelry that speak with a voice of their own.

Interested parties can purchase Dimitrios Exclusive’s products from authorized retailers around the world. By purchasing from one of these retailers, one is assured of their authenticity.

Dimitrios does not authorize any of its retailers to sell its jewelry on any websites but their own and only guarantees the authenticity of products purchased through these authorized retailers. While anyone can sell items from their own personal collection, these items are not covered by warranty and purchasing the brand’s products from Internet auction websites is at the purchaser’s risk.

Dimitrios Exclusive provides a wide variety of hand-finished and contemporary jewelry made from genuine materials, primarily 925 silver with precious and semi-precious stones, cultured pearls, glass and Swarovski gemstones. Although the brand makes every effort to ensure that its jewelry is easily identifiable through key markings, it can sometimes be difficult for consumers to tell the difference between authentic Dimitrios products and copies because copies can carry similar identifiers.

While the presence of the key markings does not guarantee authenticity, looking for them is one of the first steps buyers can take to ensure that the products purchased are in fact authentic.

A maker’s mark is a US term for a stamp indicating the origin of jewelry. The maker’s mark on DIMITRIOS EXCLUSIVE jewelry is “DIMITRIOS” or “ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ,” which stands for DIMITRIOS KAPSASKIS, who is the father of Dimitrios Exclusive’s founder. One will always see “DIMITRIOS” or “ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ” stamped on the brand’s jewelry, except on some of the smallest pieces. ‘ΩΧ87’ is the code of the brand’s factory where the genuine jewelry is manufactured.

The term ‘quality mark.’ is the standard term in the US and the equivalent of what is referred to as hallmark in the UK. The brand also stamps its jewelry with quality marks to indicate the metal’s purity and to guarantee that the metal is genuine.

All silver jewelry is stamped for silver, followed by the purity stated as pure silver content in parts per thousand: 925 (92.5% pure silver). The quality marks on the brand’s jewelry manufactured before September 2012 contains only numbers without any letters.

The company’s design philosophy is included in its motto: “Giving timeless beauty a modern twist.”

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