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J.B. and Brothers USA Setu Doshi Inc.

J.B. and Brothers USA Setu Doshi Inc. (Est. 1983) is a conglomerate of companies and affiliates that manufacture, sell, and distribute white and fancy color, natural non treated diamonds from 0.20 points up to 10kts in round and fancy shapes. Each diamond comes with the firm’s unique grading system JGS, along with 360 videos and images.

Group Companies are located in Mumbai, Surat, Hong Kong, (where it is known as J. B. Brothers (HK), and Yaelstar HK Ltd. The Hong Kong office is a polishing distribution center that supplies goods and caters to the needs of customers from South East Asian Countries like Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and others.

The Dubai office (known as Yaelstar DMCC (Dubai) ensures that the entire Middle East is supplied with the best quality diamonds by constantly studying the market and demands of the retailers.

The affiliate office in Los Angeles (known as Setu Doshi Inc.) sells a variety of high quality polished diamonds to various jewelry manufacturers and retailers in the US. In past years, they have been successful in establishing a loyal US customer base. The Israel office is predominantly focused on the procurement of rough stones, i.e., finding perfect stones that can be turned into masterpieces by the company’s artisans.

The New York office sells a variety of high quality polished diamonds to various jewelry manufacturers and retailers in the New York area. Over many years, they, too, have been successful in establishing a loyal customer base.

A company of international reach and reputation, J.B. And Brothers is one of the leading and trusted names in the global diamond industry. Jitubhai B Shah is a Founder and the current Director of the J.B. And Brothers Group.

Jitendra was born in 1955 in a small Indian village called Vithoda near Palanpur in Gujarat. Born to a poor cloth tradesman, he is the eldest of six siblings. His upbringing was far removed from the world of diamonds. He helped his father in the clothes shop whenever he had a chance. These experiences caused him to become very inquisitive about business.

Recognizing that he had to do something to get his family out of poverty, he started working at a diamond factory in Surat. Those early experiences also shaped him into who he is today. His determination and thirst to learn has been the cornerstone of J.B. and Brothers’ success.

After working at the Sumtibhai factory for two years, he took the plunge into the diamond business in 1972. With a small, rented work space, he started his business. According to the firm’s current website, Jitubhai is an intuitive man who, even today, depends on his inner voice when it comes to business. He says, “One needs to love the business of diamonds and believe in it. A machine cannot really tell the sentimental value of a diamond but a feeling can”.

He quickly realized that the key driver of business at that time was in rough sourcing and he decided to migrate to Antwerp, Belgium in 1977. He recognized the opportunity that emerged during the economic slump of 1979-80. It was in the following years when he established the group’s first manufacturing unit.

He simultaneously built the group’s rough sourcing, manufacturing, sales and marketing activities. His vision, business acumen, and diamond knowledge played a pivotal role in shaping the group.

Another director is Dr Shailesh B Shah who is Director of Finance for the J.B. And Brothers Group. A qualified medical doctor, he joined the group during its formative years in 1983. He setup the manufacturing activities in Surat. Since then, he has developed the company’s finance and manufacturing functions.

Since 1983, Shailesh’s contributions have enabled the group to transform their product portfolio from smaller diamonds to bigger stones. He drove the company’s technology innovation to standardize manufacturing processes and maximize value in the planning processes. Due to these initiatives, the group has been successful in developing and producing Triple Excellent Symmetry utilized when the company creates its Masters in Solitaires.

Another of the company’s important principals is Vijay B Shah who is Director of Sales and Marketing at the J.B. And Brothers Group. He joined the group in 1982 and initially built the Rough and Polished trading business in Surat. Over the last 20 years he led Business Development and Marketing initiatives for the group globally. His sharp business acumen, high analytical skills; coupled with his skills in technology have been the key to the Groups success.

Under his guidance the company has grown to become one of the largest distributors of top made solitaires globally. He was an early adopter of the latest technologies and built a strong service culture internally that successfully catered to a large, ever increasing, global customer base.

Vijay pioneered the ‘One Price System’ and moved away from opaque pricing systems previously adopted by the industry. Those moves increased customer confidence and developed long term relationships with customers. His notable contributions include the transparent Grading System (JGS); which emerged as a cutting edge system in developing unique pricing and grading of polished diamonds.

Finally, there is Sanjay B Shah, who is Director of Sales and Marketing for the J.B. And Brothers Group. He joined the group in 1986 and supported the trading activities of Rough and Polished Diamonds in Surat. He spent his initial five years developing the polished trading businesses in Surat and Mumbai (both key diamond centers) and streamlined the polished diamonds assortment systems.

He also contributed to expanding the group’s footprint both domestically and internationally. He further supported Vijay Shah in laying out the technology framework and the JGS Grading system.

Sanjay’s meticulous and stringent approach to creating the polished diamonds assortment helped the group standardize the company’s grading systems which are aligned to various international grading laboratories further building customer confidence and loyalty. His notable contributions include conceptualizing and developing proprietary brands for the group.

The company is a preferred supplier of finely made solitaire diamonds and sets high standards of excellence. Its growth developed through collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders including producers, employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which it operates. Even more impressive is the company’s ongoing ability to innovate, adopt the latest technologies, and bring high quality products to the market in a sustainable fashion.

The firm continues to invest in people and stays true to its value systems. Every diamond is subjected to high quality treatment at the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the production unit in Surat manufactures high quality polished diamonds and also ensures the evenness of supply. To maintain its concentrated controlling efforts in production, the company recently introduced a new unit spread across 6800 sq. yards that offers more working space for its employees that includes over 2000 highly skilled artisans.

At J.B. And Brothers, the manufacturing process starts from acquiring the raw materials and ends with perfectly graded polished stones.

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