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JS Noor Jewelry

S Noor Jewelry is the name given by its founder, Jehangir Singh Noor, to the unique creations and designs that inspire a wearer’s ongoing growth. The jewelry is infused with what he claims are mystical qualities. As a child, he says, “it was the art of the Tibetans that excited me, but now it’s the Buddhist philosophy and its spiritual mysticism that is the inspiration to the pieces.”

The Hawa design is his signature, taken from the word for wind and inspired by the Palace of Wind in India. The screen windows on the palace are like the circles in his earring motifs. They are lightweight and comfortable earrings that move with the wind. The free-form nature of the jewelry by JS Noor reflects the Indian and Tibetan view that we are not only born but also reborn.

Now run by Jehangir Singh Noor and his son, Shah Noor, the brand is a reflection about how growing up in India influenced the designs and why he insists that anyone who works on his jewelry is paid above market wage.

In a March 2017, JewelStreet article, he said, ““When I was in law school I enrolled on a gemology course. At the university, playing with stones and diamonds was awesome. Since I had always been an artist, I started making jewelry designs as a hobby. I’m self-taught and was led into design and art by my father and my aunt (who was an artist also). I started designing by using organic materials like buffalo bone. Later, I started using stones, silver, and gold. My mentor would have to be the divine spirit and my father who was an entrepreneur for most of his life.”

Jehangir grew up in India which, to him, was a palette of incredible color. In addition, the architecture of the old buildings inspired many of his jewelry designs: the vines in the screens of the Taj Mahal, the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, the eclectic images of Ganesha; all of these became parts of his inspiration.

In the article he further explains, “The main inspirations behind JS Noor are spirituality and the Asian and Eastern aesthetic, including [the] architecture. The free-form nature of many of our designs reflects the Indian and Tibetan view on the world. In Hindi, the word for tomorrow is the same as the word for yesterday - a reflection of how the culture understands itself, time, and our place in it. In the same way, there is a whimsical quality in our design.”

Over the years, his inspiration has shifted from India to Buddhist art and philosophy. For JS, this influence of philosophy is evinced not just in a mellow outlook to life, but also by an active social conscience. The Buddhist influence also imparts to his creations a certain mystique. More than just pretty adornment, they are also an invitation to pause and reflect and constitute stepping stones on a journey to fulfilment. It is about truth all round, for designer, maker and wearer.

Noor’s artisan collections of filigree designs feature cut-out shapes, diamonds, and black gold detailing and emphasize matte finishes and intricate textures. His jewelry is made by hand and then assembled to create the final shapes. Each piece takes about three days to make, and the end result is always eye-catching. The collections are lightweight so customers can wear the pieces with comfort and ease.

Inspired by 20th-century Indo-European jewelry, JS Noor combines traditional Indian jewelry making with the visual influences of the West resulting in a vintage-yet-modern aesthetic. The looks are timeless but with playful twists, plenty of detail, and in some cases, pops of color, but all are focused on intimate craftsmanship.

His works include custom name necklaces, Limited Release pieces that consist of earrings, dangle earrings, blue sapphire diamond rings, Herkimer quartz pendants, Australian opal diamond, turquoise, rhodochrosit stud earrings, watermelon tourmaline diamond pendants, a four elements ring, pietersite diamond pendant, and his Hawa collection.

Recently, his son who is the creative director of the brand said, “Good frozen yogurt can come from a machine, great jewelry cannot.” —Shah Noor

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