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Mirali Gulati

Mirali Gulati (???? – ) It is now more than ten years since Mirali Gulati established her business, the Mirali Boutique, in the Indian capital of Delhi. A trained jewelry designer with a gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where she studied for two years, Mira, as she is known, created the brand Mirari to cater to India’s growing demand for luxury jewelry with a contemporary edge.

Her creations also appeal to an international market seeking to own works that exemplify the aesthetic of Indian classic treasures. Before opening her business, Mira worked for several jewelry stores in California where she developed skills in sales, operations, security, and dealing with clients.

As she and her creations have become well known, Mira has given numerous interviews discussing her background and inspirations.

Among these interviews she’s said, “Growing up I idolized Harry Winston for its quality of workmanship, Van Cleef and Arpels for its femininity in design and de GRISOGONO for [[its] exquisite color combinations. At Mirari I feel that we offer the same quality and design, the only difference being the number of years behind our brand.

“I’ve always been inspired by the daring, extravagant jewelry worn by Maharanis that exude a certain essence of romance from the bygone years. We attempt to create jewelry that [is] high couture, customized and rare. [From] the royal ruby to regal emerald, colorful sapphires to bright briolettes – a mix of everything gives us the platform to express our brand’s ethos in varied colors and moods.

“I was mesmerized by antique jewelry which was part of my family heritage. Soon it transformed from a simple fascination into a vision to design and manufacture world-class jewels for an international audience. To see my jewelry worn socially is always rewarding. It gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

“My customers are often edgy trendsetters. They are well-versed with the top international luxury brands, such as Bulgari, Chanel or Prada, and yet choose a piece from Mirari over other brands because it’s a closer match for their sensibilities. On these women, you see Mirari’s fresh and confident attitude sitting comfortably close to the skin in a truly contemporary style statement. And that is definitely in keeping with what Mirari is about: stylish contemporary Indian classics.”

The Mirari story started with the definitive simplicity of “Angels’ Wings.” Not only was this the company’s first design and originally manufactured as a pair of exquisite earrings, it quickly became emblematic of the brand incorporating rich tradition and striving for the extraordinary.

The “Angels’ Wings” design was incorporated into the company’s logo as the design represented Mirari’s ideals (in terms of quality and design) as well as its aesthetic. Ever since the first earrings were manufactured, “Angels’ Wings” have become one of her client’s favorites. The enduring appeal of the design ensured its recurrence in later collections in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

Mira also advises that Mirari “also specializes in jewelry redesign that breathes new life and design into an existing piece. Any piece can be customized at Mirari,” she says.

According to the Mirari official company website, “Clients can bring in old necklaces that they value emotionally or something they bought years ago but can’t wear [and] we will redesign it for them. We will sketch new designs with estimates based on the client’s requirement, after which the Master Craftsmen will remodel the old jewels to give them a new look.

In another interview, Mira stated that, “Heirloom jewelry is what a woman [uses] to carry on a legacy. Since it has been passed on to every generation, the emotional connect outweighs the weight of the jewelry. But sometimes, [due] to it being out of fashion or being too ornate, it becomes difficult to adorn it. Thus the piece of art starts getting out of focus and stays locked up forever. The concept adopted by Mirari for revamping the look of the jewelry is in an attempt to amalgamate the ethos with the modernity. This helps the wearer to don that piece of jewelry without the guilt of [it] being outdated yet, at the same time, exemplifying a statement of elegance and choice.

“Mirari believes that the art of jewelry redesign will continue to prosper. The new recreated design will weave in nostalgia by preserving legacy, memories and sentimental values of heritage with a stroke of fresh modern idealism [and] their cultural roots intact. To ensure that Mirari never falls short of these ambitions, the company only uses state-of-the-art production equipment and ensures that every piece is sold with stone quality certified to the highest possible standard.”

“With an intensive designing thought process, the jewelry is given a new look without touching or hampering the sentiments attached to it,” she says. “Most of the redesign revolves around the jewelry’s style while the emotional value remains intact.”

In a May 2015 interview with Aruna Gaitonde, Editor in Chief of the Indian Bureau of the Rough & Polished website, Mira further explained, “At Mirari we create living jewels that speak to our clients and [so] you will see my jewels inspired from a myriad of stories from the ‘rich Indian history’ to ‘nature’. We do a thorough research as each piece derives inspiration from a theme (craft) or bears influences from heritage. We try to portray the inspiration through our design and craft skills. Research helps us retain the essence of the craft or period and to add our unique style and interpretations…”

Earlier in 2015, Mirari introduced a dramatic collection of called, “Marvels by Mirari.” Among the items in this collection are statement earrings crafted in yellow gold, set with emeralds, diamonds and pearls. These layered earrings are a combination of modernity fused with tradition. Another set in the collection combines diamond and sapphire stones on floral layered chandelier earrings in white gold.

“Marvels by Mirari” combine the lavish artistry of real gemstones blended with precious metals in an amalgam of flattering and graceful creation. The diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls that predominate in the collection make it a gallery of treasured, royal jewelry.

Other recent Mirari collections include Amala, Amore, Love Knots and Era of the Elephant to name a few.

Mira is also the recipient of numerous awards. In September 2010, she received the prestigious ”Jewelry Designer of the Year” award for a gorgeous pair of peacock earrings with blue sapphire briolettes and diamonds.

Mira is also known for her philanthropy. Among these are her efforts on behalf of the ‘Elephant Parade,’ a social enterprise that runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues. Created by artists and celebrities, each Elephant Parade statue is a unique art piece. The life-size, baby elephant statues are exhibited in international cities and raise awareness for the need of elephant conservation.

Mirari’s contribution to the elephant parade first occurred in 2013 when the firm created a unique elephant named, “The Black Taj”.

The elephant was exhibited in the 2013 Southern California parade. The star-studded cast of celebrities and artists – from Hollywood’s elite to fashion designers and pop icons – welcomed the open-air exhibition in Dana Point. The event aimed to raise awareness and funds for the crusade of elephant conservation across the globe.

Today Mirari has a growing international clientele and is expanding a base of buyers from within India’s elite. This continued success has opened up opportunities to take the brand international over the next few years.

Mirali further says, “Indian jewelry has come of age [and] Mirari gives me the freedom to express the confidence, power and attitude of today’s women. It also gives me the opportunity to say something about the way I want our modern India to be.

“All jewels I create are hand crafted as I make limited editions and use unique and rare gemstones. Machines can replicate but originals can only be created [by] hand as even the craftsman making the piece enhances the design with his input. I use technology only to enhance the [manual] skills to achieve [an] international quality level but each piece is made by hand. India has been known for its craftsmanship for centuries and I take pride in that fact.”

When asked to identify must-haves from the House of Mirari, Mira said, “While I can’t pick favorites, each piece is unique in its own way but we have … collections that have some of our most admired jewelry in them [and] include:

Era of Elephant: Contemporary exclusive pieces of wearable art saluting the grandeur of elephants and the royalty that comes with them.

Essentia by Mirari: A beautiful interpretation of Butterflies’& Peacocks beauty in jewelry and Wedding Vows which is bridal jewelry.

Mirari combines the creative genius of Designer and CEO, Mira Gulati with the ingenuity of skilled craftsmen to create unique diamond and colored stone jewelry. The company’s philosophy is defined by luxury, impeccable workmanship, and meticulous attention to detail.

Each and every piece of Mirari fine jewelry gives expression to the enduring emotions of love and passion. Mirari’s signature style is a blend of classic and contemporary design. Each individually crafted jewel is a union of grace with the natural brilliance of metal. Abundant in purity, quality, and chromatic fullness, each jewel tells a distinct tale through the magical interplay of light and color.

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