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Vivaan Jewellery

On its official website, it states, “Vivaan is about uplifting energy and consciousness. The unearthed raw gemstones from the VIVAAN collections have a level of consciousness and their natural powers can be brought forth by holistically charging them. VIVAAN jewelry collections with the enhanced ‘Earthly Consciousness’ are a great asset to keep in the family …. The designer Surbhi [says], “Diamonds and essentially all natural gemstones have unique energies that can be attuned for raising one’s individual Awareness”

Surbhi Pandya is the co-founder, with her father, Yogendra Sethi, and both are the designers behind Vivaan Diamond Jewellery. The spiritual aspect of life has always attracted her and has a history for her energy cleansing work. Surbhi focuses on uplifting one’s energy and consciousness while allowing one’s natural abilities to unfold. Her guiding principle in life is, “Every moment is beautiful.”

Surbhi was born into the diamond business. She spent most of her early years studying diamonds and their obvious and innate qualities. Early on, Surbhi shared her belief that raw as well as polished diamonds are worn best and most enjoyed after cleansing them of prior energy impressions. According to the brand’s website, “The Vivaan jewelry collection is coupled with its unique “energy power” making for cherished assets.”

Surbhi so admired her father’s artistic prowess that she debuted Vivaan in 2012 as a tribute to him. She grew up traveling with him while he made and sold paintings and jewelry. When she was ready to go into business for herself, she decided to interpolate his gemstone-intense, high designs and colorful, one-of-a-kind paintings into her creations.

Her Vivaan line of slice-intense diamond and gemstones take inspiration from her father’s work with Surbhi’s unique twist. She essentially blesses all the stones set into her designs. “We remove negative energies from diamonds and metal,” she explains. “Diamonds absorb energy, so we do energy cleanings on every single piece.”

Surbhi further states, “Diamonds and essentially all-natural gemstones have unique energies that can be attuned for raising one’s individual awareness.” She has presented her works at various forums including the Natural Colored Diamond Association (NCDIA), AGS Conclave and several retail locations.

In an October 2013 interview with Rob Bates that appeared in JCK Magazine, Surbhi told him, “I was born in the diamond business. From a very young age, I have been playing with diamonds. I am a pranic healer, an energy healer. When I learned about crystal healing I started getting interested with how the diamonds are affected by healing science. Can they be used, like crystals, to heal? The more I started working with diamonds, because they were always around me, the more and more I started looking at them and sensing their energetic fields.

“So I started studying diamonds, started understanding their auras, their hues. I started studying their textures, feeling them, talking to them. I could kind of hear songs in the diamond. I started to get in-depth with them.”

All mysticism aside, there is no denying that Vivaan creations offer a lasting legacy of artistic value in exquisite, fine jewelry. The collections, by both father and daughter, are inspired by elements of nature and showcase rose-cut, old mine cut, raw and slice diamonds in a rich palate of vivid color combinations from natural fancy colored diamonds.

Sethi’s jewelry is stunning. Inspired by nature. His ideas are first painted on canvas, then crafted into jewelry based on his artworks. Vivaan’s signature collections are famous throughout the world for the range of sumptuous pendant-brooches, pendants and earrings created with diamonds, colored gemstones, and gold.

The Splurge brooch, for example, is an extravagant display of landscape art, inspired by Sethi’s painting Symphony, while the Bloom flower pendant-brooch imitates the impressive colors of spring. Sensation is a spectacle of natural fancy color diamonds adorning a range of mountains. The three green tourmalines that float above the mountains pay homage to the Greek God of the West wind, Zephyr.

The colorful Aureole pendant-brooch is inspired by the circle of light emanating from the body of a spiritual being; the four rows of intersecting diamonds represent mystical radiance. This collection, called, Incredibles is available for private viewing by appointment at Vivaan’s New York showroom.

Other creations include bands in 18k gold with inverted diamonds, bands in 18k gold with black rhodium and 0.61 ct. total weight to 0.69 ct. total weight inverted diamonds that range in price from $1,000–$1,350.

There is also a Floral Slice pendant necklace in diamonds and 18k gold with natural-color diamond slices that sells for $4,400. The brand’s earrings in 18k gold with aquamarines and diamonds is priced at $21,000.

Vivaan Jewellery is headquartered in Zaveri Bazaar Bhuleshwar, Mumbai, India. The firm offers a wide range in Kundan Jewelry, Victorian Jewelry, and more. The collections are made with some traditional Indian elements and embedded with beautiful, attractive semi-precious stones, rubies, emeralds, and pearls. Traditional and antique looks are special features of its jewelry.

The brand boasts 100 accounts in the United States, including Stuart Moore in New York City, and 15 more internationally. The brand is often seen at trade fairs including the Miami Beach Antique Show; Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show; JA New York shows; JCK show; Gem & Jewelry Exchange Show in Tucson, Ariz.; and the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show.

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