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Favero (Est. 1973) was established almost fifty years ago in Italy. The name Favero is derived from the Latin word "faber," meaning "craftsman," and is often an occupational name for someone who could be an iron worker or specialized creative designer.

Mariano Favero, the founder of the brand is one of the most famous and respected jewelers who established the brand in Bassano del Grappa in northeast Italy. The area is famous for working gold for hundreds of years and also for being the birthplace of artists such as Palladio and Canova who, in the classical period of the fifteen and seventeen hundreds, established ground rules for extraordinary works of art.

Mariano Favero’s creations have received international awards many times. These include the most prestigious award in the jewelry industry: the Couture Design Award. He received one for a necklace made in the form of flying snowflakes.

Favero began his career as a graduate of the Venice Art Institute. Today Favero works mainly in 18 carat gold with the finest quality diamonds as well as precious gems creating powerful, colorful collections.

The House of Favero has also created fine rings as part of its collections of jewelry. The rings give light to their wearers and carry with them a unique and precious history.

By transforming precious metals into one-of-a-kind creations, Favero rings combine timeless and modern finishing. The house of Favero’s collection of heirloom-pieces dazzle anyone who sees them.

The pieces often feature an array of classic diamonds as well as colorful precious gemstones. Favero rings are especially known for their style and showmanship. They include the teardrop aquamarine cocktail rings, the Favero Diamond Fashion Ring and the Favero emerald ring.

Favero’s artistry derives its captivating qualities from a unique understanding of the interplay between light and form. While the House of Favero is celebrated for attributes of discipline, balance, and power, what may be most striking about its pieces is their bold and brilliant use of color. The pieces are vibrant and alive with hues balanced against the pureness of white gold.

The magnificent Favero Pink Sapphire & Diamond Dome Ring provides a burst of color. The opalescent appeal of prehnite achieves an unexpected multi-layered effect in the Favero Prehnite & Diamond Ring, while the gentle glow of moonstone is elegantly displayed in the Favero Oval Moonstone & Diamond Ring. Favero’s blue hues also appear in the Favero Aquamarine Diamond Cocktail Ring as well as in the depth and richness of the Sapphire Eternity Band.

The contrast between verdant oval tourmaline and diamonds in the Favero Oval Tourmaline & Diamond Earrings and the Favero Tourmaline & Diamond Ring is also found in the rich red rubies of the Favero Ruby & Diamond Ring and the Favero Ruby & Diamond Crown Ring.

Favero’s use of color knows no bounds. Each piece is a chromatic confection that can add the perfect finishing touch to jeans and a tee or cocktail attire. Whether as a gift or as a simple accessory, Favero rings are examples of the most breathtaking colors.

Other outstanding pieces created by the brand include the Favero 18k Gold Citrine & Diamond Pendant found in the Candy Collection. The brilliant and colorful gemstones and the use of simple geometric patterns lend sophistication to each of Favero's necklaces that are part of this collection.

Favero’s artistic path has been marked by collections such as "Intreccio", "Tulle d'oro" and "anni 40", all now accepted as milestones in the evolution of Italian jewelry.

At the beginning of the 90s, the dominating feature of Favero's jewelry was the choice of white gold, platinum, and diamonds. The conceptual clarity in his "Rain" and "Fireworks" collections captured what was in tune with the impending new Millennium.

Proceeding into the Millennium’s second decade, it is fantasies of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires with stones of the finest quality that dominate Favero creations. Favero jewels are known for both creative genius and supreme technical production standards. The brand is represented in many countries of Europe, the US, the UAE, Japan, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.

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