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Mattioli (Est. 1860) Mattioli began in 1860 as Antica Ditta Marchisio, owner of the first trademark issued by the city of Torino, Italy. The mark, “1 TO” indicates the first and oldest one in Torino. Since then, the brand, has become a standard of the ‘Made in Italy’ style. The current Mattioli brand has built its contemporary successes on the foundations associated with the most famous and masterful Torino goldsmithing traditions.

From its beginnings, the company specialized in the creation and handcrafting of high-quality jewelry employing a large staff of artisans who worked the complete cycle of gold: from melting the ingot to fashioning the finished pieces.

Starting 1970 Antica Ditta Marchisio began designing and producing successful creations exclusively for many of the worlds most prestigious companies that continue to buy the brand’s jewels today.

In 1995, Luciano Mattioli, an engineer who acquired numerous skills during his many years working for large organizations, purchased the company and asked his daughter Licia who, at that time was a lawyer in Torino, to assist him managing the firm. In the years that followed, starting with innovations to the technologies used for creating jewelry plus re-working the firm’s strategic management plan, Antica Ditta Marchisio extended the distribution of its jewelry to foreign markets in selected shops located in Europe, the United States, and Japan.

According to the firm’s official website, Licia Mattioli “almost tip-toed … into the world of jewelry, then climbed the heights of high-fashion with … energy and determination…”

With her father’s experience and Licia’s persistence, the firm experienced an entrepreneurial revolution that redesigned the company’s structure on both the management and creative sides. At around the same time, Licia also opened a contemporary art gallery in Turin to promote young Italian artists. It combined her own work commitments and personal cultural interests. It was from this amalgam of experiences and heritage in the colors and flavors of Italy that Licia’s first multi-hued creations were born.

In 2000, the Mattioli family decided to use its own name on the brand that was already known throughout the world as the embodiment of the legacy, technique, passion, and artistry that always characterized the company. Consequently, the Mattioli brand was born under the guidance of Licia and the new collections quickly achieved extraordinary success.

The strong imprint of this new philosophy on Mattioli’s style can be seen in all the brand’s collections from its bracelets to famous chains: Each piece of jewelry is unique, eclectic, and a sign of distinction.

The artistry that Licia brings to her work has secured important partnerships with other fashion houses including Cartier, Tiffany, and Gucci. Her work has also resulted in Licia receiving the title of Presidency of the Unione Industriale of Turin and of the Federorafi, the association that includes all Italian companies in this sector. No woman has ever before attained these positions.

In June 2017, Licia Mattioli was awarded the title, Cavaliere del Lavoro by the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

An interpreter of contemporary luxury, Mattioli stands out for its original style, which is classic and at the same time modern. Soft and enveloping lines are incorporated into its famous necklaces.

Crafting the jewelry remains entrusted to the talents of over 100 expert master jewelers. The attention the brand gives to the raw materials, selected from among the most precious jewels and stones, guarantees the exclusivity and excellent quality of its creations.

Among its notable collections are Puzzle in which games and imagination come together in courageous trapeze shapes and colors. Smoothed angles and attractive irregular shapes can be worn and/or changed as desired. Puzzle uses its materials innovatively combining colored mother of pearls and wood.

Outstanding versatile components, like the 7 Ways Chain that, joined with the bracelet, can become a long necklace is one of these. The earrings also conjure a game where one can change the color of the trapezoid based on the look and mood of who wears it.

In the Arte collection, creativity generates beauty inspired by unforgettable masterpieces. Its portrait rings are made of colored gems like rubies, sapphires, quartz, tourmaline, opal, cabochon cut amethysts and are framed by emerald and peridot leaves that hearken back to Milan in the mid-sixteenth century. Rings and earrings are embedded in yellow, rose and white gold.

The roundness and the bright glazes of the Lips rings are inspired by the Thirties and by a Salvador Dalì installation dedicated to the actress Mae West. Iconic red and black lips, studded with diamonds, sapphires and rubies, transform the ring into pop and playful versions.

The Siriana collection is created with gold, colored stones, diamonds and mother of pearls to characterize echoes of the East and the atmosphere of the harem. Timeless glints of colorful mother of pearls combine with traditional white gold and a persuasive rose gold emphasize the collection’s charm.

In the Eden collection, the rings and earrings are recessed with the patient beat technique and are inspired by minimalism as in the representations of elegant dew drops embedded in rose gold. Light and sparkling colors alternate with delicate transparencies. Dark amethyst, prasiolite, rose quartz and chalcedony embellish earrings and rings made to be worn alone, in pairs, or even in triads.

Delicate, irregular edges draw clouds of color that frame the rhodonite and the hematite in necklaces, bracelets and earrings in rose gold.

With the Tibet collection, the lightness of the shapes celebrates the country’s gold thread manufacturing using entwining weaves embellished with suspended diamonds. Inspired by ancient Tibetan tradition, the rose and white gold thread of light chains, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets incorporate the famous marquise stone cut, alternating curves and edges resulting in wavy shapes that enhance the gold jewels studded with diamonds.

The jewels of the historic hallmark 1TO collection embody the craftsmanship and the experience of the brand’s a unique heritage of gold and chain manufacturing. The beauty of its chains is highlighted by the gold mesh decorated with diamonds, by lines that evoke oriental petals and cherry blossoms in rose and white gold, black onyx, and diamonds. Golden rings shaped like pebbles and chandelier earrings shine in a subtle, light roundness.

Mattioli’s Masterpieces collection is created with the craftsmanship of a brand known for creating one of a kind jewels that bring out the power of stones and their shapes. Its ring is accompanied by necklaces and earrings and are enriched by smooth cabochon, with stud-like cuts and surrounded by vivid pavé.

Until recently, Maldamore was the brand’s other high-profile collection. Rings, bracelets and earrings were inspired by the futuristic works Giacomo Balla: bands in rose and white gold were combined in shiny vortices to become ribbons studded with pavé diamonds.

However, on March 21, 2018, Mattioli introduced its new Candy collection with pieces that radiate fascinating colors inspired by sweets, candies and a 50’s mood.

The Mattioli flagship store is nestled in the luxury heart of Rome and has been a fixture there since October 2010. The boutique – located at 105, Via del Babuino, close to the well-known Spanish Steps- clearly expresses what has always inspired Licia Mattioli.

The black lacquer inside the Art Deco style store counters the light colored parchment finishing. Ivory velvet couches and poufs, and adds light to the entire environment in a play of reflections generated by the mirror walls. The sparkling light from the chandeliers dominate the store and complement the stones and gems of its many jewel collections.

Each collection tells its owns story and is evoked by its name and design. Each bears a name generated by important and significant moments and places for Licia: the East in Tibet, the seraglio in Siriana; Calder, Mondrian, color, and movement in the Puzzle collection which is Mattioli’s signature line.

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