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Picchiotti (Srl)

Picchiotti (Srl) (Est. 1967) Among the multitude of jewelry designers whose careers blossomed beginning in the mid-20th Century (i.e. from the mid-60’s), it is rare to find one who established a reputation with the creation of a single piece. The Rose Brooch was a very special creation designed and made in 1967. It signaled the start of the House of Picchiotti and made its founder, Giuseppe Picchiotti, one of the most refined jewelry names in the world.

The brooch is a masterpiece that features 400 brilliant-cut pavé-set diamonds that create a rich head where each of the seven petals is composed separately and then assembled. The sinuous stem is set with especially re-cut baguette diamonds to complete the work of art.

The success of the Rose Brooch prompted a full collection of rose-inspired pieces that have become synonymous with Picchiotti. The diamond and colored gemstone rings, earrings, and several important necklaces such as the Tower Rose with two rows of round diamonds and an asymmetrical cascade of Burmese oval rubies towered by an extraordinary diamond rose were inspired by the original creation.

The Rose Collection is quite popular because it appeals to those who appreciate the beauty of these finely designed and treasured pieces of jewelry. It honors the glorious past of Picchiotti, and serves as a gateway to the future because of its importance as the firm’s iconic muse.

The storied past of Italy’s preeminent high-jeweler, Picchiotti, began more than a half century ago in Valenza, an ancient Italian village known for jewelry-making. It was there that Giuseppe Picchiotti first opened the doors of his business. Today he is known worldwide as Italy’s premier jeweler. The Valenza atelier produces masterful miniature works of art for its devoted fans. Picchiotti’s sophisticated collections are created in-house, assuring excellence in execution and quality control.

Simultaneously Giuseppe scours the globe searching for the rare stones that enhance his elite brand. The artful fusion of classical styling interpreted for modern collectors insures Picchiotti’s work is found among the world’s most prestigious retailers.

From childhood, Giuseppe had an eye for creating jewelry. He and his family are descended from a long line of physicians so it may not be surprising that the family opposed his goal of entering the jewelry trade. Despite their lack of support, Giuseppe, at age 13, began an apprenticeship as a goldsmith and never looked back. He furthered his studies at the Instituto Professionale Orafo where he gained professional knowledge and training.

Today the brand is run by Picchiotti, a respected connoisseur of fine colored gemstones and diamonds, and employs a team of more than 20 goldsmiths, designers and highly trained craftsmen and artisans. His “board of directors” includes seven family members, including his wife, their grown children, his sister and a niece. It is a charismatic, multi-generational group that focuses on creating distinctive and sophisticated fine jewelry. Each family member oversees a different aspect of the business.

“The simple secret is passion…the passion that goes into every design,” says Giuseppe who oversees each step of the process in-house from the initial drawings to the final photography.

Nature-inspired pieces, mainly flowers and birds, have made Picchiotti renowned for its ability to reproduce the beauty found in nature and bring it to life. An amazing assortment of colorful flower brooches that pay tribute to colored gemstones and celebrate the splendor of nature is crafted with superlative workmanship and refined design. An extravagant array of exotic birds represents both an aesthetic and technical challenge in the reproduction of the animals’ intense expressions, elegant positions and the way some designs are portrayed in full flight.

Picchiotti’s distinctive designs are known for the use of calibrated stones, particularly baguettes. Using these stones is a highly demanding and expensive element of the firm’s jewelry design. To achieve perfect results, Picchiotti works with huge quantities of the stones in well-proportioned shapes so they require as little trimming as possible. Giuseppe’s designs are almost architectural in their intricacy and his technique with baguettes of every size is as unique as the designs themselves. The resulting collections boast exquisite beauty and artistry.

The firm’s Xpandable™ Collection is a revolutionary new line of diamond and gemstone jewelry that uses innovative – and invisible – technology that lets pieces expand and contract solving many comfort challenges. A first in the High Jewelry field, the Xpandable™ Collection combines exquisite designs with perfect fit.

Rings stretch easily over the knuckle and contract back in place. Bracelets stretch smoothly over the wrist with no need for cumbersome clasps. The collection includes exquisite Xpandable™ eternity rings, fashion rings, and bracelets in most precious metals, diamonds, colored gemstones, ceramics, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, coral and more.

Engagement rings, wedding bands, wedding day jewelry and anniversary gifts capture the essence of enduring romance with classic Italian quality and style.

The Imperial Collection is a tribute to Picchiotti’s unsurpassed craftsmanship and a testament to the special elegance that characterize each Picchiotti piece.

Picchiotti’s jewelry is favored by fashion conscious, sophisticated women who do not like to show off, but are receptive to the fine craftsmanship that goes into every piece. The shapes are soft, sinuous, and feminine finding a balance between the harmonious shapes found in nature and the clean lines found in architecture. Examples of this can be seen in the pieces included in the Blossom Collection. They possesses a fluidity that blends beautifully with each piece’s organic nature.

In addition to classically elegant pieces—the basics of all Picchiotti collections—new pieces demonstrating youthful and vibrant fashions have been designed to also meet the tastes of a young, stylish audience. The company’s dedication to excellence in the art of designing and manufacturing has been recognized by the industry through several awards, including the Basel Award, Couture Design Award, and House Beautiful Award.

To mark its 50th Anniversary in 2017, Picchiotti created L’Anfiteatro, an 8.05-carat ruby ring and designed by Giuseppe. The Picchiotti 50th Anniversary Ring is inspired by and reminiscent of an amphitheater with three fans of “seats” (baguette diamonds) looking over the “leading actor” (an oval ruby). Weighing over 8 carats, the remarkable ruby is an exceptionally beautiful stone that has been classified as entirely natural, with no heat-treatment or color enhancement, which is very rare for a ruby of that size.

The ring made its North-American debut at the Couture Show in Las Vegas where Picchiotti also unveiled its 2017 Collection featuring Signature Pieces, and the company’s innovative Xpandable™ Collection of rings and bracelets.

Also, in celebration of its 50th Anniversary, Picchiotti published the book, “PICCHIOTTI: THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS,” by jewelry historian and contributing editor for the Financial Times, Vivienne Becker. The 248-page volume also made its North-American debut at the Couture Show.

“PICCHIOTTI: THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS” was designed in London under the artistic direction of Misha Anikst of Anikst Design, and printed in Italy.

Picchiotti’s designs are traditionally inspired by classical lines and are characterized by the elegance of their style. They are described as timeless heirlooms intended to be passed to future generations.

The United States and Japan, as well as some countries in Europe (Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, and Italy) have always been the most important markets for Picchiotti. Russia and Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan have also become quite important over the years with the brand further expanding into Southeast Asia and China. The firm also boasts a couple of very loyal clients in the Arab market.

2018 exhibitions of the Picchiotti collections will be held at BaselWorld & Couture (Las Vegas), and Hong Kong.

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