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Qayten J.E.T.

Qayten J.E.T. (Est. 2012) On the official Qayten J.E.T. website, the company states that its brand name “… is a combination of the ancient Sanskrit word ‘Qayten,’ which translates as ‘academy’, and the abbreviation J.E.T., which stands for Jewellery Estetica Technology. In an August 2016 interview with Anthony De Marco for VO+ Magazine, Maddalena Allegretti, the company’s marketing and sales manager said, “Qayten is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘origin.’

Whatever the word’s precise meaning, there is no ambiguity when stating that Qayten creations are a poised blend of beauty and imagination that capture attention with refined construction. Based in Bologna, Italy, the company follows the tradition of Italian jewelry that gives every item its distinctive Jewellery Esthetics Technology (J.E.T) mark.

Qayten mixes rare and precious materials collected from bodies of water worldwide to create pieces with enduring beauty using masterful processing techniques. Each collection enhances traditional workmanship, custom-made designs, and precious materials to create what some have called, “a new classic.”

Inspired by nature, art, architecture as well as “current trends,” the brand’s creations comprise a vast, versatile range of materials including gold, diamonds, precious colored stones, pearls, corals, opals and wood. Many works become even more special with iconic designs.

Dedicated to imaginative and demanding women, these collections are elegant, authentic, and wearable works of art. Through a blend of volume and movement that balances the company’s flair for detailed precision, invisible connecting elements (called, ‘en tremblant’ settings) and asymmetries, the brand creates daring items using the art of gold fusion to generate ingenious designs and intensely feminine creations.

On its’ official website, Qayten promotes its collections describing them as featuring, “… a profusion of pearls, colored gemstones and diamonds, set in gold and ethically sourced rare woods. The collections begin with Bologna. It is three-dimensional jewelry that teases the senses with form and flow. Skillfully and invisibly articulated precious metals and stones ripple in soft waves of gold and diamonds.

Fun and flirty, the Twist collection features Baby Akoya pearls that stand out for their small size and for its innumerable shades; from white to yellow, from light blue to grey. Acclaimed for their delicate brilliant luster, baby akoya’s origins developed in Japan and Vietnam. Each pearl is hand- picked and matched to ensure harmony in color and size.

Wood is the primary aspect of the T.T. collection that makes it possible to wear it beautifully. T.T. explores natural themes using ethically sourced opulent ebony browns and rare woods. Skillfully carved and accented with gold and diamonds, T.T. contains intricate, articulated jigsaw-like jewels to delight the eye, the skin, and the mind.

In the X.F. collection, the stones reflect light in an infinite game of light and shadow. The polished rings, set with diamonds, uses triple and double wave designs to make the wearer’s fingers look more slender.

The brand has dedicated its 2019 promotion to water. In Qayten’s new brochure, water is center-stage with the interplay of light and reflection setting the artistic tone. The jewelry collection is enriched with interpretations that derive from the beauty of the gems and the gold

Dreams and fantasies are embodied in a collection of rings, earrings and necklaces set with diamonds, sapphires, tanzanites, rubies, tsavorites and pearls. Attention to color is enhanced by enamel accents that add a contemporary edge. From the working of the precious metals to the shimmer of sparkling gems, each piece reflects Qayten’s virtuosity.

In July 2014, Fortune Magazine reported that Qayten received two honors at that year’s Couture Jewelry Show in Las Vegas: First Place in the “Diamonds above $20,000 Retail” category and First Runner Up in the “Debuting” category. Both awards were for its Bologna diamond necklace.

Qayten opened a US affiliate, ‘Qayten U.S.A’ in California in May 2016. The Registered Agent for this company is Anil Maloo and it is located in Los Angeles. The principal of the complete firm is Puranmal Tarachandji Chourdia from Pokfulam Hong Kong.

In the interview with Maddalena Allegretti, Anthony De Marco asked her, “What makes your jewelry different and desirable?

“[A] very distinctive design factor,” she replied.

“Our pieces] can be worn by a mother as well as daughter, sophisticated with particulars of a conversation piece, high perceived value, visibly high quality of materials as well as applying rare collectable materials.”

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