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Repossi (Est. 1920) Nearly a century ago, Repossi, an Italian jewelry house, was founded in Turin by Gian Petro Repossi. The house has continued through four generations from father to son, and from father to daughter. Under the artistic and creative direction of Gaia Repossi since 2007, the house is well known as a creative luxury jeweler creating elegant designs in sculptural forms influenced by modern and contemporary art and architecture.

Gian Petro’s Art Deco and Avant-Garde collections were the earliest creations of the house and represented a harmonious combination of his artistic and technical backgrounds

After studying industrial design, Gian Petro’s son, Constantin, took over his father’s workshops during the post-war period. He opened the first eponymous boutique in Turin in 1949, the historical headquarters of the House. Constantin’s son Alberto took over the direction of the business in 1974 at a very young age. He opened his first boutique in Monte-Carlo in 1979 and then another in Paris in 1986 at 6 Place Vendôme.

Alberto’s mastery in precious stones combined with his artistic skills that combined a great sense of volume and composition inspired him to create iconic pieces with a strong identity. That marked an important step for the house of Repossi. Fascinated by exceptional stones, and with a fascination for ancient civilizations and Indian traditional jewelry, Alberto Repossi marked his collections with bold, outstanding designs and an ergonomic balance for the feminine figure.

After an artistic and intellectual career far from the tradition of jewelry, Gaia Repossi was just 21 when she assumed the artistic and creative direction of the House. She never planned to become a jewelry designer, yet in the past twelve plus years she has turned the brand into one of the most in-demand fine jewelry labels with a loyal following among women and fashion editors. “Women wearing Repossi jewelry are looking for something they have never seen or owned,” she says.

It was after she studied painting at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts that Gaia began to warm to the idea of the family firm. “My father still does requests, but he’s 60 now, and I knew it was his dream I should carry on the business.” She created her debut collection for Repossi in 2007.

She used what she’d learned at art school and began pouring many of these concepts and ideas into her designs, beginning with patterns from Art Nouveau. She moved her creative skills up a notch when she started her Master’s in archaeology at the Sorbonne, which she completed with a thesis on the Mohenjo-Daro civilization. “I’ve been obsessed by archaeology and anthropology since I was 16 and always found the tribal use of jewelry far more intriguing than the materials,” she says.

As Alberto’s only child Gaia always knew she would be an heir of the brand. There was no one else who could take over the family business. Even as she was encouraged by her father to follow her own path, Gaia started slowly working at the firm while continuing her studies. She was 19 years old when she signed her first idea for Repossi, and insisted on styling a diamond necklace with a t-shirt—a high-low mix never seen before in contemporary jewelry.

Back then, her father told a newspaper, “Times have changed. Mothers are now copying daughters in fashion, not daughters their mothers.”

In 2010, Gaia collaborated with her friend Alexander Wang for his New York Fall/Winter runway show. The same year she launched the Berbère Collection that would become a groundbreaking hit for the House of Repossi establishing it as an influential presence in the fashion industry and high jewelry worlds. Gaia continues to set trends with each additional collection she debuts.

Current collections include White Noise, Antifer, Berbere, Serti sur Vide, Berbere Module, La Ligne C, Staple, Planches, Elliptiques, Suspensions, Lateral, Harvest, Technical Berbere, Studio, Luminant, and Blast. Each collection includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Gaia has also collaborated with well-known photographers including David Sims and the artist Vivian Sassen to develop the collections’ images. Collection presentations have been held at art galleries including the Gagosian Gallery in LeBourget.

Repossi’s DNA is communicated through elegant designs of wide sculptural shapes, combined with subtle austerity in statement collections that are all strongly influenced by modern and contemporary sculpture and architecture.

Available worldwide, the House of Repossi offers its bestselling jewelry pieces as well as specialties that include engagement and wedding rings. Rare one-of-a-kind diamond solitaires in addition to limited edition pieces and exclusive collaborations are also options.

In 2013, Gaia Repossi won the “Best jewelry designer of the Year” award at the Elle Style Awards.

In 2015, Repossi entered in a partnership with luxury conglomerate LVMH in which LVMH acquired a minority share in the house. In 2016, Repossi’s Paris flagship store, located on historical Place Vendôme, re-opened after a redesign by Dutch avant-garde architect Rem Koolhaas and his OMA firm.

One of the most recent jewelry introductions is enriched and inspired by tribal and ethnic accents. These new designs are a natural and dazzling continuation of the artistic path, set forth by Constantin Repossi when he first founded the brand. The incorporation of new techniques and contemporary influences also give these vibrant and edgy pieces dazzle with their modern minimalism, aesthetic composure, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Bands are ornate, highly-stylized jewelry that incorporates brilliant diamonds and polished gold in different colors. Pieces include the Repossi Three rows module Berber ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds, the White Noise choker mounted on rose gold and White Noise cuff bracelet mounted on rose gold with diamonds.

There is also the Berber five rows module ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds, the 4 rings Berber earring mounted on rose gold with diamonds, and a necklace mounted on rose gold wit pear and marquise diamonds.

Gaia Repossi has transformed her family’s old-world institution—which, not so incidentally, is official jeweler to the Royal Family of Monaco—into a relevant and modern brand. Ear cuffs, black diamond-studded earrings, rings that span two digits, and collaborations with designers like Alexander Wang may not be the normal provenance of a nearly-century old jewelry house, but the acclaimed results justify the departure.

As the protégé of one of the most renowned families in the jewelry world, Gaia has inherited her grandfather and father’s passion for capturing beauty through the inclusion of multiple influences within a single piece. From her eponymous Burned Gold collection to the classic White Noise, Antifer and Berbere – her youthful spirit leads the brand onward in class and elegance.

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