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Sabbadini (Est. 1940) The House of Sabbadini was founded by gem trader, Bruno Sabbadini in 1940. His son Alberto began designing the jewels to feature his father’s gems. This evolution of the House overcame obstacles that World War II presented. During the Second World War, Bruno, and his wife, Sarita, Alberto’s mother had to flee Milan. “As Jews, they couldn’t stay in the city,” Alberto’s wife Stefania said in an August 2018 W Magazine article.

“They went into hiding in the country. One night, the mayor of the village told them, ‘You are first on the list for the trains. Any luggage you bring with you, they throw away. Wherever you are going, you don’t come back.’ ”

The Sabbadinis escaped, walking to the Swiss border—only to find out that it had been closed because of the overwhelming number of refugees. Alberto’s father produced a bag of precious stones, the only thing he had brought with him, to convince the guards that he could support the family. “If it wasn’t for the diamonds, they wouldn’t have gotten through” daughter Micól has said.

Now located in the heart of Milan, Italy, Sabbadini is headquartered in via Montenapoleone, one of the most important fashion streets in the city. Prior to World War II, via Montenapoleone was home to Milan’s most elite who lived luxuriously in palatial castles along the avenue. After the war ended, the street was reinvented and became Milan’s fashion center. It was here, in 1940, among the best of the best in Italian fashion, that Bruno Sabbadini first established himself as an expert trader of high-quality gems.

After Alberto began designing exquisite jewels into which he set his father’s most beautiful stones, he and his father expanded the business. It developed into a manufacturing firm and a network of small craft shops dedicated exclusively to the creation of Sabbadini jewels.

For over 40 years, Alberto Sabbadini, with his wife Stefania, have overseen the design and manufacture of Sabbadini jewels. In 1983, they opened their first showroom in New York, and in 2007, a boutique in St. Moritz. Together with their children, Pierandrea and Micól, the Sabbadinis continue to produce bold and enticing designs.

Probably their most delectable pieces are their panther bracelets. Hinged cuffs ornamented with intensely colored gemstones feature hand-textured feline representations made of sterling silver.

Today, Sabbadini represents one of the best examples of high-end Italian jewelry. Its still fashionable signature piece, the Bee brooch, has been a source of inspiration for rings, necklaces and bracelets. The House uses new materials such as titanium, aluminum, ceramics, steel and rubber together with precious stones and traditionally accepted fine metals in its current designs.

These include the emblematic Bee brooches set in white gold with precious and semi-precious stones and diamonds; flower earrings in colored resin with amethysts; pebble earrings set in rose gold and steel with fancy brown diamonds; and an impressive rubellite cabochon ring set in white gold with diamonds.

Nowadays, Alberto’s son, Pierandrea, drawing on his long experience working in America, is also involved in the family business. This includes every aspect of jewelry making from sketch to finished product, supervising the quality of the workmanship, and selecting – one by one – rare gemstones. Highly skilled craftsmen create complicated one-of-a-kind, magnificent jewelry items with purest emeralds, dazzling white and fancy colored diamonds, gorgeous rubies, deep sea sapphires, exquisite Mediterranean corals, and dazzling Persian turquoises.

For many years Sabbadini’s magnificent jewels were coveted by the Italian jet set and now the Maison has opened up to new markets also enchanted by the unique world of jewelry signed, Sabbadini.

Thanks to the years of experience and unique creativity, the company continues to thrive making harmonious superb jewels as well as “one-off” pieces that use titanium, aluminum, ceramic, steel, and rubber that are masterfully combined with sparkling diamonds of various cuts and shapes.

The emblem of Maison Sabbadini is the “Bee” brooch carefully assembled in an invisible setting with many precious and semiprecious stones.

This successful luxury business operates boutiques in Via Montenapoleone and a showroom in New York on Fifth Avenue. Today, the Sabbadini’s work together to maintain their family’s legacy handed down from founding father, Bruno. Alberto serves as President of the company, working closely with his wife to oversee and promote the brand internationally. Their son, Pierandrea, oversees the company’s boutiques in Milan, St. Moritz, and New York. He also organizes the company’s exhibitions, which tour annually to high-end locations, such as Palm Beach, the Hamptons, Monte Carlo, Sardinia, and more.

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