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Vhernier (Est. 1984) The Italian fine jewelry brand Vhernier began as a small goldsmith’s workshop in Valenza (Piedmont, Italy) and has grown to become a leading name in jewelry design, renowned for its bold and innovative creations. Its start was driven by a huge passion for gold, an expert’s knowledge of gemstones, and the desire to create contemporary and unconventional jewelry.

In 2001, Aura Holding, a group controlled by the Traglio family, acquired Vhernier with the aim of developing the company without altering its spirit and strong artisan tradition. Over the years, numerous creations had become icons: the Calla necklace, the Pirouette ring, the Palloncino brooch and the Vague earrings, among many others.

Yearly collections have presented haute jewelry lines that include Flowers created as invitations to discover the dazzling colors of extremely rare and unique stones that, in and of themselves, are collector’s items set in pieces built around the gem.

According to the brand’s website, “[The creations are a] free spirit that esteems nature, liberates shapes, [and] plays with color…in [ways that are] original and strictly up-to-date. Vhernier interprets jewelry as a discovery, driven by the desire to amaze and entertain.”

With an eye on the world, Vhernier designers transform the exquisite fragility of calla lily flowers into a succession of ebony cones, gold and diamonds. Master crafts people gather the essence of flora and fauna to convert the commonplace into precious objects such as a caterpillar shape illuminating the imperial jade of a brooch.

The site further states, “In its creations, Vhernier reflects a passion for contemporary art and architecture: gold shapes an embrace, a wave, a pirouette. Often sizes are generous to hide precious details like diamonds and gemstones that become surprises between the links of a bracelet.

“Colors are both a challenge and a declaration of a love of nature: sometimes they have the very beautiful hues of jade, coral, lapis lazuli used on their own. At other times, gems like carnelian, chrysoprase and sugilite are skillfully combined with rock crystals and mother-of-pearl to create a play of unique colors [bringing] the famous Vhernier transparencies [to life.]”

Every jewel is a unique piece that displays the magic of its creator and the day-to-day emotions of the wearer.

Special pieces recently seen for sale on the Internet include a Vhernier 18K White Gold Diamond Lapis Rock Crystal Lizard Brooch. This unique pin is made exquisitely in rock crystal in the shape of a lizard accented with lapis lazuli. Designed in 18K white gold, the pin has beautiful diamonds on the feet of the reptile that add a luxurious charm to the piece.

Another creation is an 18K White Gold Full Black Diamond Pave Disc and Cord Necklace that has an opulent circular pendant completely covered in 8.50ct diamonds and two more of the same gleaming circles in smaller size placed symmetrically on both sides.

Also notable is a stunning 18K white gold piece in a chic design that features an extravagant circular pendant completely covered in 7.50ct diamonds and two more of the same twinkling circles in smaller size on the top.

To celebrate the recent opening of the brand’s store in Dubai, the firm offered an “Arrow” (Freccia) inspired by the color of the Dubai Sea. Freccia’s essential “capsule collection” consists of gold earrings, a ring and a bracelet, with pavé diamonds and colored stones. To recreate the sea’s unique light blue, the creators coupled an imperial opal with splendid black jade, surmounted with a piece of rock crystal.

Seen from above, this creation provides an optical illusion of extraordinary depth, with the stones’ reflections dancing through the crystal, creating infinite shades ranging from hues of blue, to green, to turquoise.

In February 2016, Vhernier opened a New York store located on Madison Avenue. The boutique was the brand’s first store in New York and its third in the United States. The space measures 2,600 square feet and includes a VIP room for both female and male customers.

Carlo Traglio is the chairman of Vhernier that is now an international brand with ten boutiques throughout the world and distribution covering 19 countries.

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