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Doris Panos

Doris Panos (???? – ) Jewelry making seems to run in the Panos family genes. Though her father was a dentist, Doris’ uncles were jewelers and could have provided impetus to follow in the family tradition. She studied business and marketing at New York’s St. John’s University.

She was only a teenager when she began to apprentice at her brother-in-law’s jewelry factory. It was there she began to learn and appreciate the difficult engineering techniques involved in manufacturing fine jewelry.

From the outset, she demonstrated the talent and imagination to understand how things work. Once she mastered the engineering, she studied diamonds, colored stones and their many facets. From this, it was a few short but important steps for Doris to supplement her knowledge of diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones so she could move on to mastering the gemological part of the trade.

She spent three years working in the gemstone market, then concentrated her attention on the retail and corporate sides. She worked in various establishments and, in the mid-1980’s, went to work in New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue. It was there that Doris successfully combined knowledge and personality into her sales approach.

She loved conducting seminars where she could teach her personal style to sales associates. Moving on to other respected retail establishments, she had opportunities to create her own collections. After a very positive response to her unique style, she pursued a mostly independent career.

In 1993, she established Doris Panos Designs, Ltd. and quickly earned the respect and admiration of her peers. Her distinctive style and versatile creations were recognized as unique.

From the beginning, Doris involved herself in every aspect of her company from advertising, marketing and public relations to personal appearances at shows. Working with clients one-on-one during the shows, Doris found inspirations for her versatile designs.

In October 2007, she opened her first boutique on Long Island and developed personal relationships with her customers. She has since opened more boutiques around the world.

Doris’s motto is, “Bigger is better.” Her style has a classic flair that melds Old World grace and sophistication with contemporary chic and soulful sensuality. Her designs contrast the timeless with the avant-garde.

Her collections include diamonds, high quality precious and semi-precious stones made into stackable rings, bangles, earrings, and necklace suites. These collections comprise designs for women from wife and mother to the high powered business woman.

Doris has been honored with many design awards for excellence including back-to-back JA Jewel awards in 1997 and 1998, the AGTA 1999 Spectrum award, and Town & Country/Harper’s Bazaar Couture 1999 award for best design in the pearl category.

Among her most recognizable designs is Telio seen in fine department stores as well as on the Home Shopping Network. Doris markets her creations to “The Woman who Dares to be Different.”

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