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Yeprem (Est. 1964) Inspired by a golden bracelet he received that was intended to provide him and his family a brighter future, Lebanese born of Armenian descendant Yeprem Chakardemian established Yeprem over fifty years ago. While it was successful, the business achieved its current popularity when the second generation, John, Loutfic and Virna Chakardemian, joined the firm. It was then that the brand’s designs took a more creative turn and became an international trendsetter.

In an interview before Baselworld 2017, Virna said, “Where my father was designing the pieces and sell[ing] wholesale … we’ve [made] the brand … world-class [and] decided to create a new concept of distinctive jewelry: we have launched special packages for hands and ears; and [it] is easy today to identify the “YEPREM” designs because they contain a unique identity . We use Diamonds “Marquise” cutting in most of our designs, in order to give a classic and elegant touch of modern and creative pieces; and thus offer contemporary designs with traditional cut diamond.

“On the other hand, my older brother Loutfic … designed composite pieces [and] is the engineer for all our products, and thus is interested in the implementation and techniques adopted in the process of our workshops. [Our] younger brother, John, deals with the international side of the business, which is responsible for our access to the world, because it runs our business abroad. And I, too, love the design!

“Therefore, it should be noted that my father is the founder of “YEPREM” and the mastermind behind [it], and when we received the company … we have begun work on a very solid base, form[ing] the basis of our work and the foundation of our success.”

The brand’s collections are handcrafted in 18-karat white gold, diamonds and other precious stones, showcasing elegant, sculptural silhouettes designed to celebrate a woman’s personality and style. From curving, architectural ear cuffs to hand pieces and stacked rings, Yeprem jewelry makes a show-stopping addition to evening wear.

Most of the designs are inspired by a woman’s body, and each piece is sculptured and a piece of art intended to complement the female body as if it were a part of it. These are intricate pieces and pass through several stages before the brand makes them available.

All pieces are handcrafted and adjusted to each customer. The brand’s sales team learns how to showcase each piece. It created a three-dimensional moving hand made of silicon in order to show a customer how to put a piece on her body.

The brand’s best seller is The Claw, which has become famous since it has been worn by many celebrities worldwide including Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. The Claw revolutionized the traditional concept of how to wear hand jewelry and has been well received by customers all over the world who love fashion, fine diamond jewelry, and also want to explore new ways to wear precious pieces.

Madonna asked the firm to design a unique piece she could wear to the Grammy Awards. She chose the Chloe style that epitomizes the petals of roses with leaves of white diamonds that make it seem as if the petals are strewn on the palms of her hands.

In addition to Madonna, the brand’s pieces often embellish the ensembles of other celebrities that include Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Oprah Winfrey.

The brand’s collections include Y-NOT whose styles Include Mystical Garden, Silhouette Rays, Unbroken Infinity, Pearlescent, Pearlescent, É-clipse, Smart, Sunrise, Pink Strada, and M-Pulse.

The Y-COUTURE collection is crafted in high-end jewels of class and style. Its styles includes Never After, Wild Flames, Moon nYte, Queenship, Don Lazzaro, Chevalier, and Snowflakes.

The Y-CONIC collection is comprised of avant-garde designs intended to be worn by icons while the Y-LAND Collection offers new generation designs for young divas.

In 2015, Yeprem Jewelry received a People’s Choice Award in Las Vegas. Already a favorite of stars that now include Taylor Swift, Yeprem Jewelry took home the award for a diamond hand piece called, Ararad inspired by Mount Ararad and considered the homeland of all Armenians. Paying tribute to the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, the jewelry piece embodied a centennial milestone in the life of a colossal civilization.

In 2016, Yeprem introduced a more accessible collection of jewelry at the Couture show hoping to attract additional U.S. buyers. These included an 18-karat rose gold and white diamond ring from Yeprem’s lower-priced collection. Also on display at the brand’s booth in Las Vegas were traditional styles of rose-gold rings, accented with various white diamond designs. Some were stacked with white diamond infinity bands for an extra element of drama.

Said Chakardemian, “We want to give the Yeprem identity to everything we create, even the smaller pieces.”

Priced at approximately $3,000 to $10,000 retail, the collection provided an entry-level price-point to Yeprem’s extravagant creations that appeal more to its Middle Eastern customers.

At Baselworld 2017, Yeprem began lending its bold touch to watches and debuted its women’s Y-Memento watch collection. Second-generation designer Loutfic Chakardemian explained that the expansion into the watch sector was intended to “introduce change: a change in time, a change in fashion and a change in classic (design).”

Memento incorporates watches into its innovative bracelet and hand-piece designs, which are known for their comfort. The first collection of Y-Memento watches was called “Majestic White” and featured self-winding and “artistically devised” watch movements accented with white marquise and round diamonds, all set in 18-karat white gold. The price range for the watches started at $20,000 retail and topped off at $100,000.

Headquartered with its showroom in Beirut, Lebanon, the brand has over 200 employees. Yeprem also currently retails at several Neiman Marcus locations, Stanley Korshak in Dallas and Bergdorf Goodman.

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