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Malo Creations

Malo Creations (Est. 1983) In a March 2013 article published in the Canadian periodical, Jewellery Business, Tony Malo revealed how his father, Habib, and his uncle Elie, followed in their respective fathers’ footsteps to develop a way to make blanks for wedding bands faster than the traditional method.

Tony, who still oversees the company’s sales and manufacturing units, said, “There were no shortcuts at the time. [Developing] a machine allowed them to expand the line and offer it to a larger client base.”

That was in the early 1990s, about a decade into a business that will observe its 36th anniversary in 2019.

The Laval, Quebec, Canada firm is a manufacturer of wedding bands, engagement rings, and eternity rings. It had its start in retail when some of the Malo family entered Canada after emigrating from Turkey. In 1983, the brothers decided to shut the stores and move into wholesaling and manufacturing, a move that put their expertise to use and gave them the opportunity to innovate.

After a short time, the brothers saw a potential growth opportunity in the wedding band business. “Since that day, about 80 per cent of our production has been in wedding bands,” says Tony, who is a third-generation jeweler.

In the mid-1990s, the company introduced diamond engagement rings to complement the band business and later branched out into alternative metals like titanium, tungsten, ceramic, and stainless steel.

As a manufacturer producing about 125,000 wedding bands a year in Canada, the brand is aware of overseas competition in the bridal business. To stay ahead, the company—which employs 45 people—looks to technology for the tools to create designs foreign manufacturers typically refrain from producing.

On its official website, Malo Creations states, “Not all rings are crafted the same. This is why each of our pieces reflects the quality, artistry, and experience of the master craftsman. Malo brings creations that combine precious metals with high-end technologies. Ongoing inspiration and innovations continue to earn Malo its reputation as a leader in the wedding band industry.”

The company’s mission is to offer a masterfully crafted assortment of wedding bands utilizing only ethically sourced materials through the following lines:

Classic (plain) bands, Alternative bands (cobalt and tungsten), Lux bands, Diamond bands and the Mardini Collections which is comprised of:

Noir has a hand-assembled combination of up to 22 pieces of titanium, gold and carbon fiber, 4 times lighter and 10 times stronger than steel. One of its characteristics, carbon fiber, is a top-class component frequently used in the manufacturing of racecars, spaceships, and high-end watches. The design earned a 2017 JCK Jewelers Choice Award.

Carbon fiber was launched to revolutionize wedding bands by going beyond precious and common alternative metals. Carbon fiber (and titanium) have revolutionized many sectors from high-end cars to the most advanced aircraft. The line boasts laser-engraved and/or cut designs that are laser-welded for a seamless finish. Each component and each piece is hand-assembled.

Privé gives the owner the opportunity to add a secret message that can be hidden and preserved over time. The line boasts award-winning designs with a patented mechanism that has the unique ability to preserve the personal message and keep it secret. The bands twist open to reveal the secret. This design earned a 2016 JCK Jewelers Choice Award.

Executif displays symmetry, luxury, authority, and brings purity of form to the line’s pieces. Through a lavish beveled brickwork, various finishes and hues follow a golden route paved with bright V-cuts. The collection is aimed to goal-oriented individuals.

The name was chosen to represent the lifestyle it portrays. It has very masculine styling and its brick laying theme was inspired by high-end watches. Shiny and orderly cuts refine the look. High-precision CNC Machining prepares the 4 to 6 pieces required for the creation of each ring. Sleek diamond cutting gives orderly shape to the pieces.

Précision is adorned with intricate motifs, from the outside to the inside. Each ring is composed of two seamless gold tubes, offering the possibility of different shades of gold – yellow, white or rose. It is a simple but elegant ring that, although hollow, is very strong.

The bands are produced with laser-cut designs and/or patterns. The pieces in this collection have hand-polished top and bottom (sides, if applicable) layers. The parts are laser-welded and assembled for a seamless finish. The lines’ inspiration derives from Medieval Architecture and Art.

The Prestige line is subtle yet luxurious. It reflects traditional expertise with a look that suits even the most demanding men. Inspired by ancient graeco-roman style, the brand has been creating these hand-woven rings for more than three decades. Each band is completely handmade: all parts are woven, braided, twisted, assembled, and finished by hand. It is a wedding band making process that dates back thousands of years.

Each Malo piece is distinguished by its comfort and workmanship, attesting to both the craftsman’s time-honored skill and the most innovative jewelry-making techniques.

In November 2014, The Quebec Jewellers Corporation (QJC), or CBQ, named Habib Malo of Malo Creations as president. At that time, he had been a member of the executive committee of the organization for 20 years.

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