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Marli New York

Marli New York (Est. 2014) Founded in New York City by self-proclaimed ‘citizen of the world’, Maral Artinian, Marli New York (popularly known simply as, Marli), is described as having redefined minimalism with distinctive, original jewelry designs, artisanal craftsmanship and precious materials. Maral is the designer and the daughter of an Armenian retail jeweler and diamond wholesaler.

Maral grew up in a family of diamond specialists, spending her summers in Antwerp learning about stones and the trade. After living in Montreal and Dubai, she moved to New York to pursue her passion for jewelry design.

In an April 2017 interview with the online publication, Bazaar Arabia, she recalled how she became involved in the jewelry world.

“My family comes from a jewelry background and I started working when I was 18-years-old with my brothers and father, so I was born into this world. Surrounded by beautiful jewelry, beautiful diamonds and beautiful stones, my path was me wanting to create more modern jewelry for the modern woman. Women aren’t the same as they were 10 to 20 years ago, nowadays we go out, we’re in the workforce and so I wanted to create pieces that you could wear for work and not just for special occasions.”

In another interview later that year with Couture, she said, “With that in mind, I created Marli and, with it, I started creating fashion-forward and versatile pieces that make women feel confident from morning to evening, whether it be at work, dinner, or a red-carpet event.”

The Marli brand draws inspiration from travel, architecture and fashion. Every jewel is precisely hand-crafted in 18K yellow, rose or white gold and top quality diamonds. In her playful and innovative pieces she offers women the ability to express their singularity with contemporary, eye-catching jewels rooted in simplicity and sophistication.

On the brand’s official website, Marli’s creations are described as, “Hand crafted in 18K gold with brilliant-cut diamonds and touches of vivid color from an array of exquisite gemstones, [the] pieces stand apart for their fluid lines, perfect material vocabulary and flawless reflective qualities.

“Maral’s vision is to create bold, emotive pieces that assert an unmistakable presence yet are effortless to wear, day and night … New York’s dazzling energy provides the inspiration for every … creation. From initial idea, the aesthetic narrative of the piece evolves through hand drawn illustrations and consideration of centuries old techniques. Working exclusively in-house we are able to continually push the potential of our craft at every stage; and realize our ambition to redefine beauty through innovation.

“Every element that makes up a piece is fabricated in our own workshop and handcrafted with a precise understanding of materials and proportion. Our diamonds are personally selected for the ethereal qualities that can be cut and set into our signature faceting which reprises the way light reflects across the New York skyline.”

From her New York location, Maral has created a fluid, minimal aesthetic that makes each piece visually distinct and innately magnetic. She fuses inspiration from diverse references including the soaring lines and light refractions of New York’s architecture to the rhythmic shapes of contemporary dance. Her artistry lies in translating these influences into bold, emotive pieces.

Marli New York creates anklets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings for collections that include:

Avenues in which exotic rings travel the length of the finger and its bangles and collars exude eye-catching elegance. Geometric earrings flash a woman’s inner brilliance with every turn of the head.

Evoking the innovation and renovation of New York City’s highline, the Chelsea collection merges precious metal and edgy spikes with the radiance of diamonds creating a bold look. Pieces include stackable, secure bangles and rings that have a bold look.

With a colorful array of options, the Cleo Collection features pyramids of diamonds set in 18k gold with exquisite gemstones at the pinnacle in edgy, daring and distinctive creations.

By combining the simplicity of a perfect circle with a striking contrast of hues, the Coco Collection creates eternal style and dazzles the eye with charm and originality. Ringed in gold, a sensational stone sparkles like a star, floating in a sea of intense color.

Born from the lavish frivolity of the roaring ’20s, the brand offers a fresh new take on the Deco tradition finding sumptuous luxury in simplicity. Handsomely ridged 18k gold and glittering baguette diamonds are combined for chic sophistication and stand-out style. From everyday hoops to sparkling statement rings, the pieces are sleek and inviting.

Conjuring the Italian name for the letter ‘Y,’ Ipsilo offers cascading diamonds that honor the juxtaposition of positive and negative space. Playful triangles are elongated, covered with diamonds and shifted off-axis to create a stunning allure.

IVIV features designs inspired by the work of contemporary sculptor Mark Di Suvero. The collection’s linear open structure explores the interplay between negative and positive space that results in shapes rendered in diamond and gold; white, rose, yellow. The IVIV Collection is comprised of collar, cuff earrings, bracelets, and rings.

The brand’s Pyramid collection is inspired by those seen in an aerial view of The Louvre’s courtyard. The three-dimensional motif is repeated to form a pattern on the rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Evoking crystalized sugar on a string, Rock by Marli features a variety of classic diamond shapes caressed with halos in unique, contemporary styles. Mismatched earrings and multi-finger rings create chic charm while vintage chokers and cuffs exude luxury.

Other collections are named Avant, Avventurra, Dahlia, Fifi, Iris, and Vines.

Maral’s deep conviction that, with a bit of magic, one can reach anything in life, ultimately drives the spirit of her jewelry and, through her collections, Maral strives to contribute to the unique allure of each woman she encounters. Ultimately, the brand’s craftsmanship is as much about emotion as it is technique — a quality that adds unique value and attitude to every piece.

Despite having launched only five years ago, this fine jewelry brand has already achieved international success, with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Hudson wearing Marli on the red carpet.

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