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Bremont Watch Company

Bremont Watch Company (Est. 2002) After five years of development, the Bremont Watch Company launched its collection of highly developed aviation-inspired timepieces in 2007. The company produces Swiss watches whose designs demonstrate the founders’ aviation past.

Bremont was established by brothers Nick and Giles English. They gained their mechanical experience from their father, Dr Euan English.

Life for the brothers changed dramatically on a clear day in March 1995: Nick was practicing for an air display with Euan, but the 1942 WWII Harvard aircraft they were flying was involved in an accident. When Giles, waiting to take off next was told that his father had been killed, he also learned that his brother had broken over 30 bones and was not expected to make it.

Six months later, however, Nick was back in the air flown by Giles. Since the brothers understood that life would never be the same, they decided to pursue what they enjoyed most: a life crafting beautifully engineered mechanical devices.

When they weren’t flying old aircraft, Nick and Giles had spent most of their childhood making things in their father’s workshop, He was an ex-RAF pilot with a PHD in Aeronautical Engineering.

They helped their dad to make models and restore cars. They even helped him build an aircraft they still fly today. Euan was passionate about mechanical timepieces, an interest he passed on to his sons. He would often bring home old clocks from auctions for the brothers to try and get running again.

In the late 1990s, Nick and Giles were flying across France in their 1930’s biplane. The weather was deteriorating and a rough-running engine forced them to make an emergency landing. Attempting to avoid the French authorities, the brothers were happy to accept the help of a farmer into whose field they landed. They stayed in his home and the aircraft was hidden in the barn.

They learned their host had flown aircraft during World War II and was also a gifted engineer. Half-restored wall clocks lay everywhere along with numerous engine parts. The farmer still wore his own father’s wristwatch. The brothers promised that his warm hospitality would never be forgotten. His name was Antoine Bremont and it was after him that they named their company.

Bremont men’s watches are British-made luxury mechanical timepieces, carefully constructed using Swiss components that are hand-assembled by Bremont’s skilled watchmakers at their facility in Henley on Thames in South Oxfordshire, England. These enduring classics are designed to always look elegant. Bremont offers a core collection and a range of limited edition timepieces. Each watch is exceptional.

All Bremont timepieces are tested above and beyond the demands placed upon conventional wristwatches – they are designed so they can be handed down from generation to generation and withstand extreme conditions tested by explorers and pilots. Consequently, each Bremont stainless steel case is made to an exceptional hardness of 2000 Vickers (nine times as durable as an average steel case.)

Bremont is known for its Trip-Tick design; the trademark three-piece, hardened-steel case upon which every piece in the core collection is built. Its aviation underpinnings also reflect the family’s legacy of flying.

From the beginning, the English brothers’ goal was to design and manufacture a mechanical watch in the United Kingdom. Watches would be designed around the principles of engineering and not fashion. They would look as interesting in decades to come as on the day they left the workshop and would be equally at home in the boardroom, in an airplane, or beneath the sea. Bremont watches have been tested by explorers, adventurers, extreme divers and the military.

Bremont watches are subjected to rigorous testing procedures. For example, chronometer certifications take 15 days to complete over several different temperature ranges and watch positions. The average daily variation rate must be between minus 4 and plus 6 seconds. With 86,400 seconds in a single day, it means every single Bremont watch is 99.998% accurate.

Bremont’s timepieces use only the finest Glucydur balance wheels as opposed to elaborate nickel equivalents found in many other high-end luxury watches. Nine layers of anti-reflective treatment are applied to both sides of the sapphire crystals and B-EBE2000 hardening technology makes Bremont watch cases an average of seven times harder and more scratch-resistant than their competitors. The result is a distinctive range of elegant watches.

Many Bremont watches have been designed from a clean sheet of paper. New bezel technology designed and built in-house is integrated into a number of models such as the MB. The bezel rotates while gliding on a series of four ball bearings. These bearings knit into the gearing of the bezel to produce a click for every minute rotated.

Designed by Bremont initially for the MB series of watches, the rubberized movement mount encloses the inner workings. A flexible ring then connects the mount to the outer case, absorbing shocks and allowing the inner case and movement to float.

A number of Bremont models are designed to withstand the effects of magnetism on a watch’s movement. With a limited amount of space available, this is achieved by encasing the movement in a soft-iron Faraday cage. Any potentially harmful magnetic fields are routed around the movement.

The brand’s convex sapphire crystals come with a Mohs hardness rating of 9. That’s the equivalent of 2000Hv on the Vickers’ scale. Untreated crystals can allow light to reflect back, significantly affecting the legibility of the dial. So antireflective coatings are vapor-deposited to both sides of the glass in a vacuum environment, reducing reflection for optimum legibility.

The Bremont Supermarine range features a helium escape valve. This spring-loaded single-direction valve is activated when the differential between the inner and outer pressure reaches a critical level. This results in the release of any gases trapped in the watch case. Watches with helium escape valves are pressure tested in the Bremont workshop.

Bremont carefully applies as many as 15 to 20 coats of Super-LumiNova® paint to a range of dials in their collections to ensure optimal visibility in the poorest lighting conditions.

The brothers’ love of flying is reflected in Bremont’s designs. A recent top-end model includes fabric from the Wright brothers’ airplane that made the first human-controlled flight in 1903.

Military clients make up about one-fifth of the brand’s sales. One line of watches was developed with Martin-Baker Aircraft Co., which makes ejection seats, and is designed to withstand the rigors of a pilot being jettisoned from a plane.

Bremont has introduced a women’s line and has plans to move to a new headquarters. Ladies Bremont Watches include the WoS_Promo_Womens_555x244px. The Solo-32 collection timepieces are named in honor of pilots Amy Johnson and Lettice Curtis. Designed with a smaller 32mm case, the collection includes a variety of classic dial options.

It is difficult for a small producer to make its watches notable because they are launched in smaller numbers than those from the bigger brands. For that reason the English brothers constantly search for extraordinary ways to break out in the watch market.

To create numerous but valuable designs, Bremont collaborates with leading brands that help it stand out. For example, it has a partnership with Jaguar to create watch designs dedicated to Jaguar’s E-type racer. Other top brands or personalities who have partnered with Bremont include the Rolling Stones music group and Ronnie Wood, a well know guitarist. Linley, a distinguished furniture maker, Boeing, and Norton, a leading UK maker of motorbikes have also partnered with Bremont.

Bremont secures ambassadors who can vouch for its products. They have several personalities who can testify of the watch’s robustness. Good examples are Kenton Cool and Yuichiro Miura, both of whom are mountain climbers and have scaled the world’s tallest peaks.

Bremont has created watches specifically for military units and has supplied over 10,000 watches to leading militaries around the world. In October 2017, Bremont launched a new partnership with the Royal Air Force (RAF) Association with a unique limited edition timepiece directing part of the proceeds to go to support members of the RAF family. The watch incorporated original aluminum from a Supermarine Spitfire, a Bristol Blenheim, and a Hawker Hurricane all of which flew during the Battle of Britain. The watch also used wood from a WWI SE5a within the rotor of the watch, creating a piece of history on the wrist.

The Bremont 1918 watch is the platform Bremont used to demonstrate its support for the RAF Family, a cause close to the heart of the brand’s co-founders, brothers Nick and Giles English.

Some of Bremont’s watches can only be bought by members who have served in military units for which the watches have been dedicated. That makes them truly unique because not everyone can be a first owner of these watches. However, the watches are only dedicated to units in the UK and US militaries.

Since its founding, Bremont has received awards in various fields: HSBC Global Connections, overall winner, 2013; UK Retail Jewellery Awards, double winner, 2013; Luxury Briefing Awards, ‘Breakthrough Brand’, 2012; UK Jewellery Awards, ‘Watch Brand of the Year Award’, 2011.

According to a February 2018 Forbes article, polar explorer and Bremont ambassador Ben Saunders joined the brand in announcing a new extreme timepiece designed for him to wear on his recent Trans-Antarctic Solo expedition. The Bremont Supermarine Endurance accompanied Saunders across his first unsupported solo crossing of Antarctica which began in November 2017 and lasted 1,086 kilometers and 52 days to the South Pole. Saunders is only the third person to have achieved full-length solo expeditions to both the North and South Poles and the only British citizen to do so.

The Supermarine Endurance is limited to only 300 pieces and is housed in a titanium case that, despite its exhibition case back, can still comfortably reach depths of 500 meters under water. The development of the chronometer-certified automatic watch’s thicker case and front and back sapphire crystals came from a military project. Its dial with contemporary styling and orange highlights goes well with its highly-useful orange NATO strap. At the time of the article’s publication, the watch retailed for $6,395.

Other celebrities and notables seen wearing Bremont timepieces include Tom Hardy, Orlando Bloom, Gordon Ramsay, Roger Daltry, Ewan McGregor, Tom Cruise, Hugh Laurie, Ryan Seacrest, Taylor Lautner, and Sylvester Stallone.

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