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© 2001 - 2020 National Watch & Diamond Exchange We are a member of: National Pawnbrokers" Association, Philadelphia Jewelers' Row Association, ICTA, ANA & the BBB. Loans are done by Jewelers" Row Money Loan, owner of National Watch and Diamond.


When selling ANYTHING, presentation is EVERYTHING. We want to help you make the best possible presentation and make it easier for us to buy what you’re selling.

The majority of what we buy is shipped to us from all over the USA. Over ninety per cent of our offers are accepted. If you decline the offer, in most cases we will ship the items back to you at our expense.

A few exceptions are:

Apart from these exclusions, a little time and effort on your part will go a long way to successfully selling your watches, diamonds, and gold, silver, antique, signed and costume jewelry.

There are three steps to successful selling:


Collect any old precious metals you possess including gold, platinum, silver, and sterling. As explained in the What We Buy section, we buy almost anything for the right price. This includes gold jewelry, watches, diamonds, silver, antique, and signed jewelry.

You should also consider sterling silver flatware sets. They could be worth hundreds of dollars.

Gold rings, watches, wedding bands, charm bracelets, class rings, gold chains, gold ingots & bars, sterling silver tea sets & flatware, gold necklaces, gold pins & pendants should be among the items you want us to consider buying. You may have other items that fall into these categories, but we do not list or mention. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to email your questions to

Do your due diligence when gathering up items that you want us to examine. Usually what you get from this effort is what you put into it.

Once you gather up your items and get them together, you are one step closer to GETTING CASH.


If you can, separate the gold, platinum, and silver and place them in bags or wrapping paper to prepare them for shipping. Create and print two Packing Lists. Keep one for yourself and include the other list in your shipment so we know where to send your payment. Put everything into a sturdy box or get a FREE PRIORITY or EXPRESS mailer from your local Post Office. These boxes are FREE and postal clerks are happy to assist.

Place your items in the box along with the packing list MAILING FORM and secure it with tape. Make sure you print out a shipping label. Attach the mailing label securely to the box. You are now just one step away from receiving PAYMENT.


You can use FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ship to us. We prefer that you ship your items to us by FedEx for which we will provide the shipping labels. We will pay for these packages up to $2500 of insurance.

You can also ship to us using UPS or the United States Postal Service (USPS), however, we do not cover the cost and shipping fees using these services and the costs will be your responsibility.

You will find the following information helpful when using USPS:

You can go to any United States Post Office and hand your package to a United States Postal Clerk. We strongly suggest that you insure it. Postal insurance is relatively inexpensive and guaranteed. Many customers use PRIORITY MAIL. Some use EXPRESS MAIL.

EXPRESS MAIL includes $100.00 FREE Insurance with Free Package Tracking. With this method, you can also purchase additional insurance.

When shipping heavy items, ask for a PRIORITY FLAT RATE BOX. You can ship up to 70 pounds for one price. You can also purchase insurance when using this shipping method.

Once the postal clerk processes your shipment, the clerk will give you receipts. Be sure to save these shipping and insurance receipts in the rare instance that a package goes astray.

Now you are three steps closer to receiving cash for your items.


It is in both our best interests if you include your Email Address and your Phone Number on these forms in case we have any questions about the items you send to us. You should also include your Driver’s License Number or State or County ID Number for identification in the event you do not have a Driver’s License.

Please make sure you include the summary that is provided when you print your own shipping label if you did not request one of our shipping kits. Make sure to keep a copy for yourself.


We will call or email our offer within twenty four hours of receipt. If you accept our offer, we will send payment that day. If you decline our offer, we will return your items at our expense within forty eight hours subject to the conditions explained at the beginning of this section.

Make sure you print out a shipping label.


If we want to purchase what you send, we will send you an email with our offer. By return email, please confirm that you accept our offer.

After two attempts, if we do not receive any response from you, we will consider that you have accepted our offer and process your payment according to the information you provided.

BuyMyGold Logo © 2001 - 2020 National Watch & Diamond Exchange We are a member of: National Pawnbrokers' Association, Philadelphia Jewelers' Row Association, ICTA, ANA & the BBB. We are always looking to buy valuables. We are especially interested in estate jewelry, watches, diamonds, antique jewelry and coins.Loans are done by Jewelers’ Row Money Loan, owner of National Watch and Diamond.